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Vantec Europe Apprenticeships are giving you the chance to start your career in the warehouse and logistics industry. Do you have a clear vision of the career you’re keen to pursue? Want to enter employment but also want to gain a qualification and continue learning? An Apprenticeship with Vantec Europe offers a range of learning and development opportunities for you to start your career while earning and learning.

Who are Vantec Europe?

Vantec is a third party logistics, warehousing and freight forwarding business which operate across the UK and manage operations for some of the North East’s largest manufacturers and blue chip companies.

What do Vantec Europe Apprenticeships involve?

Vantec Europe Apprenticeships involve a work-based learning programme which combines practical on the job training with off the job training so if you learn better through hands on work and being able to put theory into practice then an Apprenticeship with Vantec Europe could be just what you’re looking for. An Apprenticeship with Vantec Europe will equip you with highly sought skills, real life working experience, a nationally recognised qualification and the knowledge required to prove your competency in the role you’re undertaking during your Apprenticeship.

vantec europe apprenticeships

Want to earn as you learn? At Vantec Europe during your Apprenticeship you’ll receive a competitive salary while you train and expand your understanding of the industry. There are a range of Apprenticeship opportunities at Vantec Europe within the warehouse, logistics and freight forwarding sectors. During your Apprenticeship with Vantec Europe you’ll learn how to deliver outstanding customer service and logistics solutions as you advance your career within the industry.

Throughout your Apprenticeship you’ll be working alongside industry experts who will be there to offer you support whenever you need it and you’ll also be receive a designated learning mentor who will help you to grow personally and professionally.

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