Welding Apprenticeships In Kent

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary people. But no machine can do the work of one extraordinary worker.

As a Welder and Fabricator your craft allows you to do anything in the world. You won’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty. Life is made of so many partings welded together.

Fabrication is truly a speciality where visualisation is important because fabricators must have the ability to create an end product with nothing more than a pile of metal pieces.

As a Welder and Fabricator Apprentice in Kent you will learn to :

• Read and interpret blueprints in a bid to understand work specifications
• Assist welders in cleaning up work sites and setting up welding equipment
• Take orders from journeymen to operate manual and semi-automatic welding and cutting equipment
• Provide assistance in operating metal shaping machines such as shears and brakes
• Take directions from journeyman to repair worn parts of metal products
• Set up and operate hand and power tools particular to the welding trade
• Examine work pieces to determine defects and perform welding duties to straighten them
• Prepare all material surfaces that need to welded and ensure that there is no rust or dust on them
• Provide support to the welder in filling holes, detecting faulty equipment functions and defective materials
• Position and align parts that need to be welded according to instruction provided by the journeyman
• Keep track of materials, tools and equipment needed for welding projects and inform supervisor in case of shortages
• Set up ladders and scaffolding for every welding project
• Mix protective coating and apply it to welded parts
• Assist in melting bars and scrap in order to convert them into a reusable form
• Learn and apply fire suppression measures in case of emergencies

Don’t be afraid of the future. Structure and create it as a Welder and Fabricator Apprentice.

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