Wiser Graduates

Wiser Graduates provide a wealth of graduate jobs and graduate schemes to newly qualified degree students. If you’re due to finish university and are interested in beginning a graduate programme then Wiser Graduate have a wide array of opportunities available to you. 

Wiser Graduates are passionate about connecting graduates with a job they’ll love. We understand that finding a job after university can seem daunting but we’re here to help every step of the way. Whatever your career goals, Careermap and Wiser Graduates can help you to secure your dream career. Investing in your future is important and finding a job role that suits you is vital so you’re able to grow and advance your capabilities. 

Who are Wiser Graduates?

Wiser Graduates are a recruitment agency who specialises in helping graduates to find a career if you’re due to graduate from university or already have. If you’re after help and advice they can offer you support throughout your journey and understand the challenges you may face, after all, Wiser Graduates are made up of recent graduates so they know exactly what you’re going through. 

Who could I work for?

Wiser Graduates work with a range of top employers meaning you could be the next recruit of the following brands:

After years of university, you will be happy to know that during your graduate scheme you will get paid! The graduate opportunities offered by Wiser Graduates cover a wide range of industries, including: 

The graduate market is highly competitive and qualifications aren’t the only thing you need to increase your likelihood of employment success. The ability to highlight your soft skills is valued by employers as well as real world experiences in the workplace. 

If you’re due to graduate or have already graduated and are looking for independent advice and guidance then we’ve created a careers magazine aimed at university students and graduates. We recognise that moving from university to the real world can be daunting but this is only the beginning of your career journey, think of it as a new and exciting chapter in your life which is filled with endless possibilities. 

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