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YMCA Training Apprenticeships offer school leavers excellent opportunities to continue their learning, earn a real wage, gain invaluable skills and experiences.

Don’t worry if you have no experience, YMCA Training  Apprenticeships enable you to gain the skills and experience needed to forge a career within your chosen discipline through on the job training plus you’ll receive off the job training where you’ll work towards a professional qualification.

About YMCA Training

YMCA Training work alongside a wide range of employers, organisations and individuals to help reach their full potential. They are committed to delivering first class training to individuals, a programme tailored to them and an abundance of support and guidance.

Watch this video to find out how an Apprenticeship can help your career prospects:

About YMCA Training Apprenticeships

YMCA Training provides a variety of Apprenticeships to young people. You can do the following types of YMCA Training Apprenticeships:

  • Business Administration – This is ideal if you’re looking to kick start your career in an office environment. Through this Apprenticeship, you’ll learn a range of business administration skills and gain a business qualification.
  • Retail – Looking to work in retail? Retail Apprenticeships allow you to gain experience working for a retailer with opportunities to progress.
  • Customer Service – Do you love a good natter? Want a career where you help people and put customer at the heart of everything you do? A customer service Apprenticeship will allow you to gain excellent customer service skills and more!
  • Health and Social Care – Want to help take care of people? Gain a wide range of skills required to forge a career in the health and social care industry.
  • Motor Vehicle – Do you have a passion for vehicles? Whether it’s cars, motorbikes or lorries and Apprenticeship in this industry will allow you to gain practical skills and knowledge of a variety of aspects required.
  • Childcare – Do you want to help shape little one’s minds? This Apprenticeship will allow you to help children with their physical and learning development.
  • Supported Teaching and Learning in Schools – Are you passionate about providing support and improving learning and teaching in school? This Apprenticeship will allow you to do just that while working closely with the teacher.
  • Playwork – This Apprenticeship will give you wellbeing and safeguarding responsibilities of children. You’ll gain a range of skills required to forge a career within playwork.
  • Fitness and Leisure – Do you have a passion for fitness? During a fitness and leisure Apprenticeship, you could be working in a wide range of roles including personal trainer, gym instructor, leisure operations and more.

Watch this video to find out what being a fitness and leisure apprentice is like:

  • Horticulture – Are you interested in landscaping, gardens or agriculture? A horticulture Apprenticeship could be perfect for you if the idea of working indoors doesn’t appeal to you. You’ll be working outside in the great outdoors gaining a range of skills.
  • Warehouse and Storage – Want to work in a rapidly growing industry? A warehouse and storage Apprenticeship could be perfect for you and you’ll play an essential role in logistics.
  • Hospitality – The opportunities available to you in the hospitality industry are endless, from waiting and service to kitchen staff there really is something for everyone.

What if I’m not ready to begin an Apprenticeship?

If you don’t feel prepared yet to begin YMCA Training Apprenticeships, don’t worry there are options for you. YMCA Training offer a wide range of study programmes and traineeships to help you better prepare and develop skills so you can then get into an Apprenticeship when you’re ready!

Looking to commit your time to a course? Courses are a great foundation for your future and will open doors to a variety of opportunities. YMCA Training offer courses in the following:

  • Childcare
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Health and Social Care
  • Horticulture
  • Vehicle Systems
  • Retail Skills

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