Graduate bank accounts to perpare for life after university

Apprentices: Student Bank Accounts and Discounts

Think student bank accounts are just for university students? Think again. One high street bank is allowing apprentices studying for a higher qualification (Level 4+) to reap all the banking benefits that university students currently receive.

Which one? HSBC!

What is a Higher Apprenticeship?

Higher Apprenticeships are where you’ll be employed, receiving on the job training whilst also working towards a nationally recognised qualification equivalent to foundation degree level and above. This enables apprentices to combine university study and the workplace whilst also getting paid to learn! They are an excellent alternative to university without the price tag.

HSBC’s student account expanding to higher apprentices is a step in the right direction. Opportunities for apprentices are constantly evolving with new frameworks being created and different job roles becoming available to young people wanting a different career route other than the traditional university route.

What are the benefits of a student bank account?

HSBC student bank account includes the following perks:

  • £60 Gift Card
  • 12 months of Prime Student
  • An interest and fee free overdraft
  • Optional student credit card with a limit of £500 (APR 18.9%)
  • HSBC Mobile Banking app, including Paym
  • Contactless debit card and access to Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay

Head over to HSBC about find out about applying for a student bank account.

Looking for more ways to save money as an apprentice?

We’re sure you’ve heard of NUS cards? All your friends at university might flash them about when you go shopping and it allows them to get discounts making you slightly jealous. But did you know you can also apply for an NUS Apprentice card?

NUS Extra card

An NUS Apprentice card offers you the same benefits as your friends at university are receiving and it costs just £11 a year! We guarantee

What are you waiting for? Apply for an NUS Apprentice card online today.

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