what is an Apprenticeship training provider

What is an Apprenticeship training provider?

An Apprenticeship training provider is made up of three main types – further education colleges, independent training providers and employers that offer their own Apprenticeship training programme. Apprenticeship training providers deliver Apprenticeships standards and frameworks which lead to a nationally recognised qualification for the apprentice.

Who does an Apprenticeship training provider work with?

An Apprenticeship training provider works with employers and the apprentice to deliver outstanding training and to help you develop skills and gain essential work experience. An Apprenticeship training provider receives government funding through the Skills Funding Agency to help train apprentices.

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To ensure Apprenticeship training providers are committed to the delivery of Apprenticeship training Ofsted assess all organisations and grades them in accordance to the training being delivered. The Apprenticeship training providers Ofsted rating will depend on whether the training provider receives funding or not.

An Apprenticeship training provider offers a broad range of support to employers and the apprentice they help the employer to do the following:

  • They recognise the employer’s requirements and decide on a suitable Apprenticeship for the business
  • Recruit the right apprentice for the employer’s business
  • Develop a training strategy that meets the needs of the apprentice and employer
  • Train the apprentice and offer feedback
  • Support the apprentice through the standard or framework through off the job learning
  • Help the apprentice to gain a nationally recognised qualification

Apprenticeships are currently undergoing change. The Institute for Apprenticeships are overseeing the change and it is expected that by 2020 all Apprenticeship frameworks will have been replaced by Apprenticeship standards. Apprenticeship standards are more occupational lead and meet the needs of the apprentice and employer allowing the apprentice to become fully competent in their job role through assessments of knowledge, skills and behaviours.

what is an Apprenticeship training provider

Employers can choose from a range of training providers to help you to decide you should take into consideration:

  • Whether the training providers covers your area geographically
  • Frameworks and standards that the training provider offers and whether there is one suitable to your business industry and job role looking to be covered by an apprentice


The difference between an Apprenticeship training provider and employer?

Some employers have their own Apprenticeship programmes which means they’ll encourage your learning and development through employment with them and your off the job training will take place at their own training academy. Employers that offer their own Apprenticeship training include Balfour Beatty, PwC, Rolls Royce, Nestle, EY and many more.

Employers that don’t have their own training academy will use a suitable training provider who will support you throughout your Apprenticeship.

If an employer has a yearly bill of over £3 million they will need to make contribution towards the Apprenticeship levy. The gov.uk website provides more information on the Apprenticeship levy.

Apprenticeship training provider and employers that Careermap work with

Careermap work with a wide range of Apprenticeship training providers and employers. Visit the Apprenticeship employer and training providers profiles to find a wide range of vacancies that are available to you.

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