School Leavers

Whether you're thinking about university, an apprenticeship, A Levels or T Levels, our careers advice hub will be your trusted companion along the way.

Navigating the waves of homesickness

The prospect of university life, filled with new friendships, academic challenges, and a multitude of opportunities, attracts students from diverse backgrounds and aspirations. Yet, as they cross the threshold into this uncharted territory, homesickness can cast a shadow on what is otherwise an exciting chapter in their lives. It serves as a saddening reminder of the connections, routines, and the comforting embrace of home left behind.

Devonport Royal Dockyard Apprenticeships

Devonport Royal Dockyard Apprenticeships offer an extensive range of opportunities for you to kick-start your career within the marine industry while earning and learning. University and college aren’t for everyone so if you’re looking to avoid the traditional study route and enter employment then a Devonport Royal Dockyard Apprenticeship could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Qualifications Explained

The different qualifications you can earn – A Levels, Apprenticeships, GCSEs and so on – are grouped together in levels. It makes it easier for you (and easier for employers, colleges and universities) to know how difficult a qualification is and how it compares to others.

Five Famous Apprentices who went on to Achieve Great Things

Some people question the value of apprenticeships and think you’re better off going into a fully paid job from day one. While it’s true apprenticeships are not always highly paid, they do come with superb training opportunities.

Five Unusual Apprenticeships

There are some very unusual and highly specialist apprenticeships out there for hard working, enthusiastic individuals. We thought we’d list a few of them here in the hope they may inspire you.