Apprenticeships in Edinburgh

Scotland has been the focus of much media attention because of the recent independence referendum. While all the news may have focused on the outcome of the vote, Scotland, and in particular Edinburgh, has a thriving IT industry. Many employers are offering IT apprenticeships in the city.

It’s not hard to see why Edinburgh is a great location if you work in this sector. It is the capital of Scotland and home to the Scottish Parliament. It also has superb transport links with the rest of Scotland and many cities in England. Edinburgh airport, meanwhile, connects the city with the rest of the world.

This makes Edinburgh an important business hub and it is well known as a financial centre. Businesses in all sectors require IT support and so there are many vacancies for anyone looking to work in that industry.

Of course, Scotland is well known for having a well developed renewable energy sector. This also presents opportunities for the enthusiastic IT apprentice.

A quick look at vacancies within the city reveal IT apprenticeships at all levels. There are roles for those seeking their first job, plus management apprenticeships for those already some way up the career ladder.

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As a city, Edinburgh has a lot to offer. It is popular with tourists and it is easy to understand its appeal. The Royal Mile is very picturesque and the view across the Forth of Firth from Edinburgh Castle is truly stunning. Scotland’s highlands are not far away for anyone that likes to spend time in the great outdoors.

Edinburgh is also known as a seat of learning. It boasts Edinburgh University, Herriot-Watt University and Napier University. Guess what? These esteemed institutions and the many students that study in them all need IT support.

If you are interested in an IT apprenticeship in Edinburgh (or anywhere else) then take a look at our interactive listings.

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