Apprenticeships for girls

Apprenticeships for girls: What you need to know

Apprenticeships aren’t just for boys, on Careermap you can find a wide range of Apprenticeships for girls in a range of industries.

Apprenticeships for girls

Are you a girl looking to kick-start your career with an Apprenticeship? If you answered with a resounding ‘yes’ then you’ve come to the right place. Apprenticeships are an excellent platform to get ahead in an industry you want to forge a career in. Through a mixture of on the job training and off the job training, Apprenticeships enable you to obtain skills, essential experience and nationally recognised qualifications all whilst getting paid.

What are the types of Apprenticeships for girls?

There are a wide range of apprenticeships for girls from legal services to trade, engineering and hair and beauty. Let’s look at what options are available for you:

  • Hair and beauty – Do you want to help people feel good about themselves? As a hairdresser or beauty apprentice you’ll be doing exactly that. Depending on what level Apprenticeship you do your duties might include cutting and styling hair, shampooing and conditioning, tidying the salon, taking bookings, dying hair. As a beauty apprentice you could be working as a spa therapist, doing nails, makeup, eyelash extensions, hair removal, tanning, eyebrow wax, shape and tint and more. Check out Habia for more industry information.

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  • Engineering – Engineering Apprenticeships are a great place to start if you’re looking to enter a challenging but exciting career. There are a variety of roles in engineering from civil engineering, electrical, marine, heating, aerospace engineering and more. Check out ECIBT for more information on the engineering industry.

Apprenticeships for girls

  • Motor Vehicle – Do you have a passion for fixing things? Then a motor vehicle Apprenticeship could be just what you’re looking for. Motor Vehicle apprentices are heavily involved in fixing not just cars but lorries, motorcycles, busses and more.
  • Business and Administration – Business and administration is vital to all industries. Every company needs someone to take care of the office. As a business and administration apprentice you could be filing, typing, scanning and printing, providing customer and employee support, interacting with customers over the phone and in person, keeping databases up to date and attending meetings plus more.

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  • Finance and Accounting – If you have a love for maths then this could add up to an extremely exciting career for you. Finance and accounting staff work with money and prepare financial reports. They also ensure records are accurate and taxes are paid on time.
  • Law – Legal Apprenticeships can involve roles such as a paralegal apprentice, legal administrator and even a solicitor! If you’re looking to enter the world of law, then an Apprenticeship is an excellent practical route to take.
  • Land-based and Environmental – Land-based and environmental Apprenticeships offer an exceptional opportunity to get ahead start with a career in horticulture, agriculture, game keeper, greenkeeping, animal care and land-based studies.

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  • Customer Service – Do you love a good natter? An Apprenticeship in customer service will allow you to talk all day and help customers. The customer will need to be at the heart of everything you do. This position will require excellent communication and customer service skills.
  • Energy and Renewables – Energy and renewables offer a variety of roles that are accessible through an Apprenticeship. You could be based on land, at sea, in an office, laboratory or outdoors. Roles can include research and development, operations, maintenance and installation.
  • Manufacturing – Are you looking to kick-start your career in manufacturing? Manufacturing apprentices are involved in the full process from the design stages to the assembling process and testing the finishing design.
  • Health, Childcare and Education – Are you caring? Do you want to help others? Apprenticeships in the health, childcare and education can include social care, adult care worker, early years, nursery, teaching assistant and even a teacher.

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  • Sport and Fitness – Do you have a passion for fitness? Want to start an apprenticeship that can lead to several professions? Sport and fitness apprenticeships can include roles in fitness instructing, personal trainer, lifeguard, coaching and more.

Apprenticeships for girls

  • Creative, Digital and Media – Are you looking to start your career in an industry that’s diverse, exciting and challenging? As a creative, digital or media apprentice you could be doing roles such as marketing, social media, junior production runner, copywriter, games, animation, videographer and many more.
  • Hospitality and Travel – Hospitality and travel Apprenticeships are an excellent foundation if you’re looking to enter an exciting and fast-paced industry. Hospitality roles can include chef positions, kitchen porters, front of house and supervisor/team leader roles. Travel roles can include cabin crew, airport occupations and travel agents.

Apprenticeships for girls

  • Retail – Retail apprenticeships can involve working in a range of shops that are all different sizes. From big supermarkets to high street fashion shops, designer shops, jewellers, DIY shops in roles such as sales assistant, team leader, storeroom assistant, merchandiser and buyer.
  • Construction – Construction apprenticeships aren’t just for boys, if you’re a girl looking to start a career in the construction industry then an Apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity for you. There are a range of jobs in the construction industry such as plumbing, bricklaying, painting and decorating, flooring, roofing, plastering, building infrastructure, quality surveyor and managerial roles. Visit the CITB for more information.

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  • Transport and Logistics – Are you wanting to kick-start your career in the transport and logistics industry? You could be driving a vehicle, delivering parcels and large orders. You could also be working in warehouse preparing deliveries and storage or in logistics, purchasing, supply chain management and inventory management.
  • IT and Telecoms – IT and Telecoms Apprenticeships offers an exciting, challenging and ever-changing career experience. You could be doing roles such as IT infrastructure, network engineer, software development and more.

Applying for Apprenticeships

To apply for Apprenticeships for girls, you can visit the Careermap website. Can’t find any near you? Simply, register your CV online so top employers can find you.

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