Apprenticeships in Northampton

Apprenticeships are one of the oldest employment opportunities for young people leaving school. They give you the chance to learn professional skills, study for advanced qualifications and gather valuable job experience. Learning from an experienced professional is incredibly rewarding and gives you a great advantage over other people seeking employment. Being an apprentice shows your willingness to work and build towards a career. You also get paid throughout the duration of the apprenticeship.

With apprenticeships in almost every sector, from construction to business and even beauty, you can choose an opportunity that suits you. There is a huge number of opportunities available and great support to help you find the right one. At Career Map we specialise in marketing education, training and job openings for young people. We work with colleges, universities, training providers and companies all across the UK. Listings are added and updated regularly so you can stay up to date with openings and always find the information you need.

Most websites offer a list of opportunities and make you spend the time trawling through to find the ones that suit you. At Careermap we are different. We use a special map and pin system that lets you input your location and view all of the options available locally. Coloured pins represent different types of opportunity and the handy drop-down menu tells you what each one represents. The zoom also lets you expand your search to a wider area if you can’t find the ideal options in your immediate location.

Many of the vacancies offered at Careermap can’t be found anywhere else. We have some long standing partnerships with clients who only advertise on our site. If you want to keep up to date with openings please check back regularly. New listings are added when we receive them.

Careermap is committed to helping school leavers to examine all of the options open to them. If you have already considered apprenticeships and want to look for a specific sector we can help. If you are still trying to decide, try a search and see what is out there to choose from. You will hopefully find the perfect career path on our website.

If you are thinking about apprenticeships in Northampton further information is always available if you need it. There are a huge number of different resources to choose from. You can even contact Careermap if you have any questions. Please email us at for free advice and guidance. We look forward to guiding you to a great future.

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