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BTEC Results Day 2021: What to Expect

Find out when BTEC results day 2021 is, what you can expect to happen on the big day and advice for if you do better or worse than you hoped. This guide has been created in partnership with Pearson BTEC

When Is BTEC Results Day 2021?

BTEC results day 2021 is on the 10th August or 12 August for L1/2. Your school or college will let you know how you can collect your BTEC results. This may be in person, via post, email or ResultsPlus Direct from 9am on results days.

Due to COVID-19, most BTEC students will receive teacher assessed grades this year. This will be based on internal assessments, coursework and mock exams. For students studying a BTEC qualification where skills must be assessed through practical study only, they won’t receive teacher assessed results. Instead, a practical assessment will be carried out in a COVID-19 secure manner. 

This applies to students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Understanding BTEC Grades

The table below shows the different grades from highest to lowest based on which qualification you are studying towards. 

BTEC results day grades

Students who do not meet the grading criteria will be awarded a U, which means ’unclassified’.

BTEC Level 1/2 Firsts will be graded by:

  • Level 1 Pass (L1)
  • Level 2 Pass (P)
  • Level 2 Merit (M)
  • Level 2 Distinction (D)

BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Awards will be awarded:

  • Level 1 Pass (L1)
  • Level 1 Merit (L1M)
  • Level 1 Distinction (L1D)
  • Level 2 Pass (L2P)
  • Level 2 Merit (L2M)
  • Level 2 Distinction (L2D)

BTEC Level 2 Technicals will receive:

  • Distinction (D)
  • Merit (M)
  • Pass (P)

BTEC Level 3 Nationals (teaching from 2014) BTEC (QCF) qualifications will gain:

  • Distinction (D)
  • Merit (M)
  • Pass (P)
  • Near Pass (N)

Depending on the type of BTEC National you’re studying you’ll receive up to three grades:

  • Extended Diploma – three grades
  • Diploma – two grades
  • Extended Certificate – one grade

What if I Don't Agree With My BTEC Result?

If you don’t agree with your BTEC result, you have a right to appeal your grade. Individual awarding organisations have set out their own appeals processes so you should reach out to your school, college or training provider for support who will be aware of these, and who will be able to give you advice and support. 

Can I Go to University With a BTEC?

Absolutely! There is a common misconception that to go to university you have to complete your A Levels, however, this is a myth we can bust right there. Once you have completed your BTEC, your unit grades will be converted into a points score. This will then be added together which will give you your overall grade. These results will be shared with UCAS in advance of BTEC results Day.  You might be suprised to hear that 99% of UK universities accept BTEC qualifications’, including Russell Group Universities! 

You’ll also need to have qualified at Level 3, which is equivalent to A Levels.

The table below shows how many UCAS points you will receive for your qualification and grade. 

BTEC results day ucas converter

I’m Not Happy With My BTEC Result - What Can I Do?

First things first, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and acknowledge that this isn’t the end of the world. Even if it does feel like it right now. Don’t forget – you have options!

You might choose to appeal your grade or you can retake your exam. If it was an external assessment, you’d need to wait until the next scheduled assessment. 

Speak to your school, college or training provider if you would like to contest your grade or you can find out more about the process on Pearson’s website.

If you’re accepting the grade you received but still didn’t do as well as expected, you still have options. You might choose to undertake an apprenticeship, traineeship or get your first job. Alternatively, if you’ve got your heart set on university you can enter Clearing. 

Clearing is a UCAS system that matches university applicants, who haven’t had an offer, with institutions that still have places remaining. To learn more about Clearing, visit our go to guide here. 

I Did Better Than I Expected - What Can I Do?

Well done you! This is a massive achievement and you should allow plenty of time to celebrate. If you’re going to university next and have exceeded your firm offer conditions with a BTEC then you can enter UCAS Adjustment. You can learn more about UCAS Adjustment in our guide here. 

I’m Unsure About What to Do Next?

There are so many options available to BTEC students. To name a few:

The world really is your oyster and what you do after your BTEC is your choice. If you enjoyed the practical side of a BTEC but now want to gain a degree, you have two options. You can study full time at university or if that’s not for you, a degree apprenticeship is a great option that enables you to combine academic study with practical training in the workplace. Learn more about degree apprenticeships here.

Will Universities and Employers Still View My Grades The Same?

If you’re worried about the COVID-19 pandemic impacting how universities and employers will view your BTEC results, please let us reassure you that they will hold the exact same value, had you sat these in previous years. Universities and employers alike recognise the hard work you’ve put in all while living in the midst of a global pandemic. 

We frequently get asked if BTECs hold the same value as A Levels and they absolutely do! There are also lots of benefits to a BTEC including: 

Increases employability: BTECs combine the experience of real-life practical situations and work placements helping you to gain skill, experience and qualifications.

Career progression: Courses are typically industry-focused and are developed in collaboration with professional bodies and higher education experts.

University progression: Like A Levels, you can progress to university via a BTEC qualification.

Gain skills: A BTEC is a great route to gain key employability skills such as time management, communication, problem solving and planning.


Whatever your results, remember there are always options. Get advice from teachers, careers advisers, friends and family but always make sure you follow the right path for you and not what someone else wants you to do.

Good luck from all of the Careermap and Pearson teams!

For more information, Ofqual released a downloadable guide which outlines the arrangements in place for awarding grades in summer 2021, and where you can go for additional information.  Details on vocational and technical qualifications can be found from page 11.

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