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Careerometer is a useful tool which enables you to compare working hours and average wages of job roles in the UK that you’re interested in pursuing.

How to use the Careerometer

The Careerometer is a simple way for you to find out more about a specific industry and career. All you need to do is type in the job you’re interested in and then select it from the drop down menu. You can then add more options to compare which route you would prefer to go down. You can find information on a variety of careers from engineering to public services, hair and beauty plus much more!

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Parents and Educators

National Careers Week (NCW)

National Careers Week (NCW) is an exciting prospect to explore career guidance and the free resources available for you to use in education. Do you recognise the importance of high-quality careers education? Do you want to make the difference for young people? Together we can!

Parents and Educators

The Cost of Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have been in the news in recent years as a solid alternative to the ‘flight path’ route to employment which suggests students go from GCSEs to A Levels, on to University and then into graduate-level jobs.