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National Careers Week (NCW)

National Careers Week (NCW) is an exciting prospect to explore career guidance and the free resources available for you to use in education. Do you recognise the importance of high-quality careers education? Do you want to make the difference for young people? Together we can!

Is Your Child an Engineer in the Making?

From dealing with cyber security and minimising the impact of natural disasters to developing sustainable energy, food, housing and products; engineers help pave the way to a better future for everyone.

The Cost of Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have been in the news in recent years as a solid alternative to the ‘flight path’ route to employment which suggests students go from GCSEs to A Levels, on to University and then into graduate-level jobs.

Apprenticeship Standards

The way Apprenticeships work is evolving. Previously they were based on around 250 ‘Frameworks’; now, the government is developing between 600-800 ‘Apprenticeship Standards’ that will set out what Apprentices need to learn.

Career Guidance for Parents

Just about every qualification in England, Wales and Northern Ireland has been the subject of extensive reforms.

Your child doesn’t need to know where they’re going

Not many of us know from a young age the type of work we want to do when we grow up. Most of us need time to figure it out, and plenty of us enter into jobs without realising the breadth of opportunities available.

What is CPD?

Learning doesn’t stop just because you complete your degree or pass your final exam. Life is one massive learning curve, and the simple truth is that you can never know enough, but you can at least keep trying. Continuing Professional Development [CPD] is the training required to maintain a professional status after you have qualified.