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This Skillsometer will help you to identify key skills for your future career. You can use this as a guide to help you to understand which careers match your skills. If you’re unsure about your options and thinking about the next steps then this tool will help you to reflect on a number of different statements related to occupational categories including Artistic, Realistic, Investigative, Conventional, Enterprising, and Social, which will provide job roles tailored to you.

How to Use the Skillsometer

To use the Skillsometer, please follow these easy steps:

  • Hit the ‘Start Quiz’ button
  • This will then display a number of different statements, you then need to choose the emoji which shows how you most feel about the situation/statement
  • Continue answering how you feel about each statement, the progress bar at the bottom will show how close you are to completing the quiz
  • Once you have completed the quiz, you’ll then see a range of suggestions based on jobs which are links to your skills and what you enjoy doing the most

What to Do Next?

Once you’ve completed the quiz, the next step is to explore your options. You can visit the Careerometer to explore information on salary, growth and retirement projections (labour market information).

Remember, if you are not interested in any of the careers selected for you, these are only a suggestion and you are not limited to only these career paths!

After you’ve finished comparing your options, you can search Careermap to find a number of apprenticeship, graduate and jobseeker opportunities plus everything in between.

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