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A Level Results Day 2023 | What You Need to Know

A Level Results Day is coming up. Your head might be spinning with questions about the big day but don’t worry! You can find everything you need to know right here.

Are you wondering when is the big day? What if I don’t get the grades? What if I do better than expected? Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered!

Remember results aren’t everything, you have plenty of options regardless of your results and you’ll receive lots of support along the way.

When Is A Level Results Day 2023?

A Level Results Day is Thursday 17 August 2023 in England and Wales. Pupils in Scotland will receive A Level Results on the 8th August. The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) publishes results online on the 9th which is also when students in Scotland will receive results by post.

The time you are able to find out your exam results if you’re studying in England and Wales depends on your Sixth Form so always check beforehand. However, UCAS will update your UCAS Track account at around 8am though this may vary.

Thousands of students flock to their UCAS account to find out whether they have met their firm or insurance university conditions. You will need to be patient on the day as the system can run slower due to the high amount of traffic it is receiving.

Ideally, you should avoid going on holiday during A Level results day as you’ll need to be able to be contacted by universities and able to get online. If you can’t be around on the day you could nominate someone to find out your results or if you are able to log onto Track you’ll be able to see what your chosen universities have decided and whether you’ve met the requirements.

Can I Get A Level Exams Remarked?

If you didn’t get the grades you were hoping for then don’t worry! It might feel like the end of the world but it doesn’t have to be. You have an array of options still available to you.

If you were only a couple of mark off meeting the higher grade then you might want to consider getting your A Level exam remarked. Remarks are now known as ‘Reviews of Results (RoR)’. You will need to contact your sixth form to get a remark who will arrange the paperwork with your exam centre.

Make sure you update your university of your plans to get your paper remarked as they may be able to reserve your place. Remember that when getting your paper remarked it is also possible that your grade could go down. You will also need to pay to get your paper remarked and a refund will depend on whether your application is successful or not!

Remark prices vary depending on the exam board you studied with, check on their website for the price of this and to see when you need to submit a Review of Results by. If you’re not happy with the result of your remark you can always appeal.

A Level Resits

If you don’t do as well as expected, make sure to speak to your college about this, who will be able to support you. If you still want to continue on the same path to your career goals and didn’t get the required grades then you might want to resit your A Levels. Retaking your A Levels might suit your circumstances if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • I’ve looked through Clearing but can’t find anything suitable
  • I didn’t meet the grades to receive an offer
  • I really want to go to university and don’t want to go down an alternative route

You should also update your chosen university of your plans to sit your exams as they may be able to reserve your place.

What If My A Level Results Are Better Than Expected?

If your grades are better than expected then well done you! This is a massive achievement and you should be proud of yourself!

Previously, students could enter Adjustment, which was a UCAS process that ran up until 2021 but has now been cancelled.

What If I Want to Defer My University Place?

If you choose to postpone your university place, you’ll need to be prepared to explain the reasons behind this. If you can support your action to defer your offer then the university is much more likely to accept this.

Perhaps you want to take time out to commit to voluntary work or you want to take a gap year. Whatever your decision just make sure you take time out doing something worthwhile.

When is AS Level Results Day?

If you’ve just sat your AS Levels then that means you’ve got all this to come! AS Results Day is the same day as A Level Results Day, the 18th August. Some students will be sitting AS Levels, whereas others might only sit their exams in the final year of college.

AS Levels refer to the first year of your A Levels, you can then go on to complete your A2 in the second year which will make up a full A Level qualification. Some sixth forms allow you to sit 4 AS Levels in your first year and then drop one in your second year. An AS Level acts as a stand alone qualification and will contribute towards your UCAS points.

The UCAS Tariff Explained

UCAS tariffs are used to send data from universities to government bodies. However, some universities have a set amount of UCAS points required for you to study a course and this will be noted in the entry requirements. Not all universities use the UCAS tariff, as an alternative, they will look at grades instead. Not all qualifications attract UCAS tariff points.


You’ve tried your best and that’s what matters. Now the results are out of your control so try not to panic about A Level results day 2023! We understand that this is easier said than done but even if you don’t do as well as expected remember, exam results aren’t everything and there are plenty of opportunities available. So enjoy the whole experience and be proud of your results whatever the outcome!

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