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The complexity of chemical engineering Apprenticeships

What actually is  chemical engineering?

In basic terms, chemical engineering is simply turning raw materials into useful, everyday products. From the clothes we wear, to what we eat and drink, you can thank chemical engineer for that.

About chemical engineering Apprenticeships?

The route into chemical engineering through an Apprenticeship is a lot more complex. Currently, there isn’t an Apprenticeship in the chemical engineering sector but you can apply for Apprenticeships that lead towards a career in chemical engineering. You’ll work within a company and gain qualifications while you’re doing it. By taking this route, it’s more than likely that you’ll enter the industry at a lower level than some graduates but it’s a great way to get practical experience and gain valuable work experience with a Chemical engineering company. Bear in mind though, that Apprenticeships are often geared towards general engineering. If you have a passion for maths and science, we say ‘go for it’.

Chemical engineers are involved in the design and development of a diverse range of products. You’ll delve into and focus on changing the chemical, biochemical and physical state of a substance to turn it into something else, for example making plastic from oil.

Chemical Engineering Apprenticeships

Progression Routes

Progression routes within this industry are rife. With the experience of various projects and dedication, you could progress to project manager. Fancy a change? You could move into research development. What about a specialist role such as safety and risk management or even environmental management. Or put a complete twist and move to a more commercial based role, such as technical sales, marketing, supply chain management, personnel, finance and IT.

Get thinking like a proton, always positive and apply for Chemical Engineering Apprenticeship

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