choosing an Apprenticeship

Things to think about when choosing an Apprenticeship

Are you left feeling confused and daunted by the prospect of choosing an Apprenticeship? To make things easier we’ve compiled a list about what you need to think about when deciding. First things first, let’s have a quick recap of what an Apprenticeship is.

An Apprenticeship is a real job combined with part time study enabling you to gain valuable skills, work experience and industry specific qualifications. You can do an Apprenticeship at intermediate, advanced, higher and degree making them a credible alternative to university without the infamous price tag associated with university.

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What to think about when choosing an Apprenticeship?

When choosing an Apprenticeship some thing to take into consideration include:

1.       What industry are you looking to forge a career in? Check out the job sectors.

2.       Find out about the employer – is it a small or large company? Do you agree with their core values and want to help to meet their mission?

3.       Find out about the training provider, college or university you’re going to be studying at – Do they offer the Apprenticeship you’re wanting to commit to? What is there pass rate?

4.       Do you meet their requirements? Look at what grades, qualifications and subjects you need to have and whether you’ll get accepted onto the Apprenticeship.

5.       What qualities are they looking for in applicants? Do you need certain skills, is prior experience needed?

6.       Is the Apprenticeship near to where you live? Is it easy accessible via a bus route if you don’t drive? Would you need to move away from home?

7.       What is the salary? Although the minimum wage for apprentices is lower than the NMW you need to remember that you’re gaining a qualification whilst still earning.

8.       What are the positive and negative aspects of the Apprenticeship you’re applying for?

9.       Do you have the commitment and time to balance a full time job (at least 30 hours) with study?

10.   If you’re considered an Apprenticeship contact the training provider, college or university for any further questions you may have.

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choosing an Apprenticeship

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