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Electrical Apprenticeships in London

Let’s get electrical and talk about the benefits of Electrical Apprenticeships in London.

A major benefit of doing electrical Apprenticeships in London is the vast amount of buildings constantly being constructed around us. They will all require electricians to install and fit lights etc, it wouldn’t be a brilliant working environment if everyone had to work in an office in the dark, would it?

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What is an electrician?

Electricians bring the power to your school, work and homes. They install, maintain and repair electrical services (eg. lighting, sockets, fire alarms, emergency lighting & heating controls). Can you imagine not being able to watch TV after a long day at work or school? Or not being able to make a brew? No, we can’t either. Thank you, electricians!

Who are the giants of the electrical world?

London has many large companies based in London offering Apprenticeships. You may choose to work for a company such as British Gas, JTL Training, Crossrail, K10 Apprenticeships and many more.


Qualification Levels Explained

During an electrical Apprenticeship, you’ll be working in one of three areas of specialisation: signal receptions, consumer/commercial electronics or domestic electrical appliances. Whichever you choose, you’ll cover installation, servicing and maintenance procedures. There are currently Apprenticeship for electricians at Level 2 and 3, but you’ll more than likely gain other qualifications such as CSCS safety cards.

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What next?

As an apprentice, you will be in an assistant role but once qualified you will be a professional electrical or electronic servicing engineer meaning you’ll be able to work on your own such as self employed, you could even progress to managerial roles like supervisor or manager. You might choose to work on call, independently, for a company or you could work in a high street electrical shop. The possibilities are endless.

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