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An apprenticeship in the police force is all about protecting the public, making communities safe, caring for children. You’ll take risks and secure the safety of fellow citizens, you’ll endure such risks and tolerate such inconveniences on behalf of strangers. Consequently, police work in one of the most noble and selfless occupations within society. Making a difference in the quality of life is an opportunity that policing provides.


The Police Apprenticeship Scheme continues to grow and offers young people an opportunity for employment with a large organisation that will really care about investing in them. The scheme provides a great deal of opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills to help successful candidates boost their employability and get on the career ladder. If you enjoy facing challenges, problem solving and would like contributing to keep your community safe whilst developing a wider range of skills, then a police apprenticeship could be for you.


As a police officer your job will be to reduce crime and the fear of crime. You’ll work to build relationships with local people and inspire confidence that the police understand and are prepared to deal with the issues that matter most to them. Policing will enable you to work in partnership with the public and other organisations and make a real difference to the local community.


Your daily job expectations may include the following:

  1. Support law enforcement objectives provide an intital response to incidents arrest, Detain or report individuals
  2. Manage conflict
  3. Provide initial support to victims and witnesses
  4. Conduct investigations
  5. Interview victims, witnesses & suspects.


An apprenticeship within the police will combine practical training with study whilst working towards gaining a nationally recognised qualification while learning on the job skills specific to the police force.


A career in the police force will give you authority BUT how you treat people will give you respect.



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