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Aldi Graduate Area Manager Programme

Callum Day has been an Aldi Area Manager for five years and credits his success with being an approachable manager, working well with his team and continually looking to develop his own skillset. He comments, “Of course, everyone is excited about the amazing benefits associated with the Area Manager role such as an Audi A4/BMW 3 series and £44,000 starting salary, but for me it was the responsibility and realistic progression opportunities that enticed me. I studied business and management at university and knew that this was the only area that really sparked my interest – so the Aldi Graduate Area Manager Programme suited me perfectly.”

As an Area Manager with Aldi, Callum is responsible for supporting the successful running of three Aldi stores. After 12 months of intense training, which gave him unparalleled exposure to every aspect of the business, he was given responsibility for his own stores. He was tasked with working closely with the Store Managers to ensure each store has everything it needed, from stock to staff requirements, and reporting back to the Store Operations Director to share the stores’ results.

Callum is a Personnel Leader for the 90 Aldi colleagues working within the stores and cites people management as one of the things he loves about his job: “I really enjoy working with people, helping them to progress as well as supporting them on a personal level. I like to get to know my teams so that I can identify when someone needs help, whether that’s at work or if they’re going through something at home. I am also extremely ambitious and while I want to continue to take on new challenges myself and develop within my own role, I also like to support my team in reaching their goals and moving up the ladder too. My favourite part of the job is when I get to promote someone. Seeing their hard work pay off is wonderful and a stage of their career that I love to be a part of.”

Explaining the advice he would offer anyone interested in joining the Aldi Graduate Area Manager Programme, Callum says, “Being an Area Manager comes with a lot of responsibility, which I think everyone should understand. By week 15 you’ll have the keys to your own store and you don’t check in with your Store Operations Director everyday so you’ve really got to take your training on board and hit the ground running. This is a huge motivator for me as I relish the responsibility, but I know that this can be a challenge for others, so new candidates must be prepared for this.”

Callum enjoys being an Aldi Area Manager and is looking forward to furthering his career with Aldi – hoping to progress through the business in the years to come.

Aldi Graduate Scheme

The Aldi Graduate Scheme offers plenty of opportunities for you to kick-start your career after university. The scheme provides young people with advancement options which can help lead you to career success. Whether you’ve just finished university or are a career changer then this could be the route for you!

About the Aldi Graduate Scheme The Aldi Graduate Scheme enables you to gain exposure to real responsibilities, training and a wealth of support. This is your chance to become an area manager which comes with a fantastic package including a company car (Audi A4 or BMW 3 Series) and fantastic salary. During the Aldi Graduate Scheme, you’ll be gaining first-hand experience of what it takes to lead your own area and upon completion, you’ll be ready for career success.

A graduate scheme at Aldi is a fast-paced world, you’ll be able to explore various parts of the business and utilise these on a daily basis. Not only do Aldi pay well but they also provide progression opportunities. You’ll be facing challenges and learning about the world of retail plus you’ll receive a wealth of training from store operations to logistics, financial administration and property management.

Once you have completed the Aldi Graduate Scheme you’ll be given the opportunity to take charge of three of four of the Aldi stores in your area where you’ll apply your knowledge to the role. You’ll need to put your skills and commercial awareness into practice.

What does Aldi look for? Aldi are on the lookout for graduates who are driven, self-motivated and positive. You don’t just need the right skills but also the right attitude to succeed. Whatever your degree is in – Aldi have opportunities for you!

To become an Aldi area manager you will need at least 96 UCAS points (240 UCAS points if using the old tariff) from your A Levels or equivalent, as well as a degree at 2:1, although if you do receive a 2:2 there are other management opportunities available. You will also need a full driving license and to be eligible to work in the UK.

Let’s cover the FAQs If you are unsuccessful when applying for the Aldi Graduate Scheme you will need to wait at least 12 months before you are able to reapply but you can apply for other roles. Sometimes you might need to relocate but it will be within the areas you have chosen. You will also need to be flexible and passionate about providing the best support to your team, this will include weekends and bank holidays. During the Aldi Graduate Scheme, you’ll normally work 50 hours per week.

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