Essex County Council

Our Ambitions

Unite behind a sense of identity - Essex is many places. A haven for wildlife, self-made millionaires, social housing and everything in between. Complicated, surprising, eccentric – there’s no single way to describe who we are. Our ambition is to find a way to capture our many local characteristics, the things that make Essex unique and special, to inspire pride in ourselves and so bring visitors, investment, opportunities and new people to Essex.

Enjoy life long into old age - Essex is full of people who have enjoyed a long, fruitful life here – the people who built our county. And it has the potential to offer everyone the same excellent quality of life as they live and grow old here. Our ambition is to ensure more people get the chance to achieve that quality of life: to enjoy independent, healthy, safe lives. By using new technologies to deliver new forms of care, supporting individuals and families in caring for each other, encouraging healthy and active lifestyles and by addressing the many needs of an ageing population that will continue to have a higher average age than the rest of the country.

Provide an equal start for every child - Over three quarters of Essex’s schools are good or outstanding, and as our county and our communities grow, so will the opportunities for every young person. Our ambition is to make sure every child has the chance of a great future by eradicating the gap in outcomes for disadvantaged children, giving every child the knowledge, support and security they need to seize every chance at success and happiness.

Strengthen communities through participation - The strength of Essex is its people. We are home to many tight knit communities, with an incredible voluntary sector and community spirit. Our ambition is to spread that spirit everywhere. To foster the bonds that hold us together, celebrate differences and show the importance of personal participation so that we have safe and cohesive communities. Because communities grow from individual participation and a sense of purpose, not from top down action.

Develop our county sustainably - Essex is unique. Historic market towns and radical new towns. The longest coastline in Britain and working ports communities. Ancient, beautiful, modern, challenging. Our ambition is to use the need for 140,000 new homes over the next 20 years as an opportunity to enhance the County – with infrastructure development, healthier places, safer communities, more school and amenities and greater opportunity. Not preserving nor building over – but rather adding to the beauty, diversity and uniqueness in a considered, sensitive way.

Connect us to each other and the world - Essex has an unbeatable location – close proximity to London, a gateway to Europe and links to the rest of the world. Our ambition is to amplify the possibilities our location offers, by unshackling us from cars and congestion with efficient, modern and sustainable transport networks and digitally connected homes and businesses.

Share prosperity with everyone - Essex is home to some exciting organisations and more entrepreneurs for the size of our economy than anywhere else in the UK. We’re known for our confidence, smile and swagger. Our ambition is to back our can-do attitude with skills and support, unlocking personal potential across Essex – attracting and growing big businesses that will provide the growth, investment, and opportunities we all need to prosper, and for our County to compete in a changing global economy.