Working for GCHQ

At GCHQ you can have a varied and rewarding career working for an organisation that is pioneering a new kind of security for an ever more complex world

One of the greatest things about working here is knowing that your contribution is helping to keep the nation safe. Everyone, from our Project Managers and Personal Assistants to our Intelligence Analysts and Cryptographers, plays their part in our nation's security.

From our beginnings in the first world war we've been defined by our unique mix of talents and our ability to combine different ways of thinking to create breakthroughs that unlock the most complex challenges.

That still holds true today - we need the right mix of minds to meet the challenges of the future. We need people from all walks of life. People with aptitude and raw talent whom we can nurture. People with formal qualifications and experience of working elsewhere. People who can lead and make decisions. People who can work in teams and support and celebrate the success of others. People who can be role models and mentors.**