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Lincolnshire County Council Apprenticeships

Lincolnshire County Council Apprenticeship provides school leavers with the opportunity to learn, earn and work. If sitting in the classroom all day isn’t for you and you’re keen to get out into the world of work, then a Lincolnshire County Council could be the perfect career pathway for you.

About Lincolnshire County Council

Lincolnshire County Council ensure that the non-metropolitan county of Lincolnshire is run as smoothly as possible and makes sure that everyone is safe within the community. If you want to make a difference to Lincolnshire County then an Apprenticeship with the council will put your right on track in doing so! To find out more about a Lincolnshire County Council Apprenticeship read on.

What do Lincolnshire County Council Apprenticeships involve?

Lincolnshire County Council recognise that full-time study isn’t for everyone and their Apprenticeships combine training with hands-on experience in employment to equip you with marketable skills, essential work experience and a nationally recognised qualification all whilst getting paid!

During your Apprenticeship with the Lincolnshire County Council, you’ll be offered full support from your employer, learning mentor and colleagues enabling you to grow personally and professionally and reach your full potential. Don’t feel like you’re quite ready for an Apprenticeship? Don’t worry, Lincolnshire County Council also offers a range of traineeships that will help prepare you for work.

Traineeships are a great way to get a bit of experience behind you before you start work. These work preparation programmes will help you to build employability skills and experience and will also advance your English and Maths skills. If you’re motivated to start work but haven’t yet been offered an Apprenticeship a traineeship can help to get you work ready and can last anything between 6 weeks to 6 months.

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