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About GCHQ

It would be easier to count how many people aren’t on the internet in today’s society. Although it does have a lot of beneficial uses to millions of people worldwide, it also poses threats. That’s where GCHQ come into play. They work to keep Britain safe by helping keep forces safe, preventing crime and terrorism as well as preventing against cyber attacks.

According to GCHQ there are 1.62 million cybercrime victims each day! That’s a lot of people that you’re going to help stay safe when on the internet!

About GCHQ Apprenticeships and Graduate opportunities

Do you want to earn, learn, gain experience AND be part of something incredible? Then you’ll be pleased to know you’ve come to the right place!

GCHQ offer a range of early career opportunities. Whether you’re fresh out of college, in your last year of university or recently finished, there are opportunities for YOU!

Apprenticeships offered by GCHQ include the following:

The Cyber Security degree level Apprenticeship is incomparable – you’ll gain exposure to innovative technology resources giving you lots of opportunities to develop your skills. During this Apprenticeship with GCHQ, you’ll receive a mix of classroom training and first-hand experience through working on the job.

A Software Engineering degree Apprenticeship would be perfect for you if you’re highly motivated with a strong interest in technology. This exhilarating hand on work will help prevent the likes of terrorists and tackles threats to the national security.

Graduate programmes at GCHQ include:

The Future Leaders Programme which is like no other programme out there. It will be filled with challenges and multiple progression routes. So if you want to develop your skills and knowledge within the British intelligence you’ll be perfect for this role!

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