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How to make the most of your summer holidays

Make the most of your summer holidays this year!

Are you due to break up from school or college this summer? With the holidays just around the corner it’s important to spend your time productively and we don’t mean watching Netflix and eating piles of crisps and chocolate every day. Although you probably can’t wait to leave school or college that excitement can quickly lead to boredom, so we’ve put together a guide on what you can do.

1.       Go outside

Get together with a few of your friends and go for a walk. You could take a picnic if the weather is dry. If one of you can drive you could go to the beach for the day to go for a swim and spend your time sunbathing. (Don’t forget to pack the sun cream just in case and always be safe when swimming in water.)

How to make the most of your summer holidays

2.       Clean your room

That long overdue spring clean can always happen in summer. The summer holidays are a great time to clean your room. Sort through all the rubbish you have under your bed, look through your wardrobes and any clothes that you don’t wear anymore take them to your nearest charity or set up an ebay account and sell them.

3.       Go camping

Invite your friends to go camping with you and find a local camp site to pitch your tents. Make sure you have the equipment you require and the right clothes for the weather. Remember just because the suns out when you go camping it’s the UK and that can quickly change so ensure you take your wellies and a raincoat just in case.

make the most of your summer holidays

4.       Have a barbecue

Invite your friends or family round for a barbecue. Make sure you have all the essentials such as beer (if your old enough), juice, coal, matches and obviously barbecue food.

make the most of your summer holidays

5.       Go to a theme park

Again, make the most of your summer holidays by going on an adventure. If someone in your group of friends or a member of your family can drive go to the theme park. Who doesn’t love a good theme park?

make the most of your summer holidays

6.       Learn how to cook

If you’re planning on going to university there’s never been a better time than now to learn how to cook. Look online for a range of recipes and follow them that way when you do head off to university you won’t be living off pasta.

7.       Watch a film

You could watch a film by yourself at home or invite some friends round. If you’d prefer you could even go to your local cinema to watch a new release.

8.       Shopping

If you’re heading to college after the summer holidays, then you’ll be wanting to head to the shops to find some new outfits. You’ll no longer have to wear your school uniform every day. (YES!!!) Even if you don’t have any money to buy anything you can help your friends choose their outfits.

make the most of your summer holidays

9.       Relax

Spend some time by yourself to relax. You could spend the day reading, watching a film, playing on your games consoles and listening to music. It’s okay to have a pyjama day sometimes just don’t get in a habit of doing it everyday otherwise you’ll start feeling down and who knows how you’ll manage to get ready for school or college when you return to them 9am starts.

10.   Spend time with family

Find out if there are any events going on that you and your family can attend. There’s normally lots going on in the summer so we’re sure you’ll find something.

11.   Get a job

Make the most of your summer holidays by getting a part time job. This is a fantastic way to gain experience, boost your CV and earn some extra cash.

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12.   Plan your future

If you’re due to leave school/college and haven’t already chosen your next step, then you need to start looking now. Think about whether you want to go to sixth form, college, university or start an apprenticeship. When planning your future, you need to consider what your career goals are and what education route you need to follow to forge your career in your chosen industry.

Find out more about Apprenticeships:

Remember to have fun! The summer holidays are all about making memories. You won’t always be lucky enough to have 6 consecutive weeks off to go on an adventure so make the most of your summer holidays.

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