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Oh no! You’ve missed the UCAS deadline, now what should you do? Does this mean you’ve missed out on the chance to go to university? Don’t stress! You have options…

What next?

For whatever reason, you’ve missed the deadline and now you’re worried that you won’t be able to go on your next learning adventure. The good news is that all is not lost!

UCAS will in fact process late applications up until the end of June. It all depends on individual universities as to whether they accept them. Some universities will allow applications that are late whereas others will work to a strict deadline date. If you don’t receive any offers from your late application we’ve put together some alternatives to consider.

UCAS Extra

This is for people who haven’t received any offers, you can add extra courses to your late application. This begins on the 25th February until the 4th July, you can apply for as many courses as you want and it’s free to use!

UCAS Clearing

Still no offers? If it reaches the 4th July and you’ve not been accepted on any courses then you’ll need to start looking at UCAS clearing. This means any courses that still have places available you can apply for. It normally runs on a first come first served basis.

UCAS Clearing for if you missed the UCAS Deadline

TOP TIP: Make sure you’re all set up on UCAS before A Level results day where spaces become available by those who didn’t make the grades.

I don’t want to go to university

Have you missed the deadline but secretly glad because you’ve decided you don’t want to go university? There are lots of options available to you!

different pathways you can take if you missed UCAS deadline


Apprenticeships are booming in today’s society with big and small companies offering them! You can even do a degree Apprenticeship meaning you’ll gain the same qualification level to your friends at university. There a few things that differentiate degree Apprenticeships and university degrees being that, you’ll avoid the debt and your degree will be paid for by your employer. You’ll also get paid whilst working towards a degree qualification and gaining practical experience that is vital to your career triumph.

apprenticeships earn and learn

Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning courses offer a virtual approach to learning. It’s all done online, so if you’re looking to say goodbye to a classroom this is an excellent way to achieve qualifications through learning that’s structured to your needs. All you need is access to the internet, a computer/laptop and determination. Can you imagine being able to gain qualifications wherever and whenever you want?

distance learning courses

If you’ve missed the UCAS deadline and looking for an alternative search and apply for Apprenticeships and Courses at Careermap!

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