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National Minimum Wage for an Apprentice

Do you know what the national minimum wage for an apprentice is? Maybe you didn’t even know that you get paid? If you’re thinking of committing to an Apprenticeship or are already undertaking an Apprenticeship here’s what you need to know.

An Apprenticeship is a work-based programme that allows you to earn as you learn through on the job training and off the job training which enables you to gain a wealth of experience, nationally recognised qualification and develop your skills. If full time study isn’t for you and you have a clear vision of what industry you want to forge a career within then an Apprenticeships is an excellent stepping stone to help you get there.

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What is the national minimum wage for an apprentice?

The national minimum wage for an apprentice is currently £3.70 per hour, although this might be lower to what you might expect just remember that you’re getting paid for training whilst learning skills and gaining experience relevant to the industry. Some employers will pay more than the national minimum wage so always bear that in mind.

The national minimum wage of £3.70 applies to apprentices under 19 and if you’re 19 or over but still in your first year of the Apprenticeship. If you’re in the second year of your Apprenticeship and 19 or over then you’ll get paid the national minimum wage for your age group.

national minimum wage for an apprentice

An apprentice must be paid for the hours you work, training that takes place with your learning mentor and for at least 20 days holiday plus bank holidays.

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There are a wide range of levels and industries that you can do an Apprenticeship in including the following:

  • Intermediate – 5 GCSEs
  • Advanced – 2 A-Levels
  • Higher –   higher education certificates/diploma/foundation degree
  • Degree –  bachelor and master’s degree

different apprenticeship levels

Applying for Apprenticeships

To apply for an Apprenticeship and get paid at least £3.70 or even more visit the Careermap website to find a range of vacancies in a variety of industries.

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