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Paid Holidays and other Benefits of being an Apprentice

The summer holidays are upon us. If you have friends that are still at school, they’ll be breaking up for the long summer break.

What many people don’t realise is that if you’re an apprentice, you qualify for paid holidays. Okay, so you won’t get six weeks of holiday, but you will still get paid time off.

Whether you are an apprentice in Birmingham, London, Portsmouth or Newcastle, you will benefit from time off work and a number of other benefits. As an apprentice, you have similar legal rights to those who have already qualified and been working in a job for many years.

In addition to holidays, you will also be paid for your efforts. It’s true that apprenticeships are not always highly paid. That said, most people see their salary increase impressively once they have completed their apprenticeship. After that point, you would hope to receive an annual pay rise (although this obviously never comes guaranteed).

You will also be studying towards a recognised qualification. This is probably the most valuable part of being an apprenticeship.

benefits of being an apprentice

What you are essentially doing is laying solid foundations to build a career on. Completing an apprenticeship can take as little as a year. In return for doing it,  you will get a salary, paid holidays, time off to study and the benefit of a career.

Apprenticeships are available to people of any age, although the way they are funded, pay and one or two other conditions do vary the older you are. Don’t let that put you off though. Employers want motivated, committed staff whatever their age.

That was a bit of information about the benefits of being an apprentice. If you think it could be for you, take a look at Careermap and see what opportunities appeal. We’re sure you’ll find something.

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