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Preparing for university

Do you need advice and guidance on preparing for university? You’ve come to the right place! You might be feeling anxious? Excited? Unprepared? With the countdown to freshers’ week already on, there’s plenty of other things you need to do before that BIG move.

1. Make a checklist

Write down everything you need to take to university and as you pack them into boxes check them off your list. That way you won’t forget anything and there will be no sudden panic when you arrive at university and remember you’ve left your hairbrush at home.

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2. Learn how to do the washing

Our guess is that you’re so used to your mum doing your washing that you’re not actually sure how to operate a washing machine – don’t worry we didn’t either. But it’s definitely a good idea to get your mum to show you before you head off to university, you don’t want your favourite white top to end up bright pink neither do you want to shrink your favourite pair of jeans leading you to have a breakdown while you’re still struggling with homesickness.

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3. Master the cooking side of things

We’re sure you’re well aware of what university students speciality dish is – pasta; but is that really what you want to live off for your full time at university? We guarantee you it’ll get boring after 4 days in a row tops. Browse the internet, there are loads of student cooking blogs out there which are cheap and easy.

easy meals for students preparing for university

4. Work out your budget

Before you begin splashing the cash on shots at freshers’ week make a budget plan with your income and outgoings. Work out roughly how much you’re going to spend on necessitates like the food shop, travelling to university (bus pass), rent and course costs then work out how much you have left to spend on nights out and treats for yourself. This way you won’t be ringing the bank of mum and dad every month.

5. Set up your student bank account

Make sure you do this before you head off to university that way you can ask for advice from your parents and get the best account for you.

6. Update your CV

Most university students also work a part-time job. You’ll realise how quickly money comes and goes and a part-time job offers you security when it comes to keeping a constant cash flow. If you update your CV you can begin applying for jobs as soon as you get to university.

7. Follow your university on social media

Following your university on social media is a great way to keep up to date on any events happening, freshers’ week and the news.

Watch this video for more advice on how to prepare for university!

Now it’s time to put your plan into action…

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