Protective Services Apprenticeship

Protective Services Apprenticeship Standards

Are you looking to kick-start your career with a protective services Apprenticeship? If you want to help others, keep people safe and offer protection then this could be your dream match.

What does a Protective Services Apprenticeship involve?

There are an extensive range of Protective Services Apprenticeships that you can enter the world of work through. A protective services Apprenticeship involves theoretical study and on the job training enabling you to gain a wide range of knowledge, essential experience, develop your skills and gaining a nationally recognised qualification. A protective services Apprenticeship can lead to a long and fulfilling career with opportunities to progress from intermediate (Level 2) to degree (Level 6) and you’ll be exposed to a wealth of learning and development opportunities.

Throughout your Apprenticeship you’ll be supported fully by your colleagues and training provider which will help you to develop skills and build your knowledge with relevance to the industry you’re forging a career in.

Protective Services Apprenticeship Standards

Apprenticeships are gradually changing. By 2020 the Institute for Apprenticeships will have overseen the change of frameworks to standards which work more effectively due to the occupation focused training which will ensure it meets the requirement of both the apprentice and employer.

There are a wide range of protective services Apprenticeship standards that have currently been approved for delivery including the following:

Business Fire Safety Advisor – You’ll build a knowledge of fire risks and hazards and share your knowledge with businesses by advising what precautions can be took to reduce the risk and help to keep their premises safe.

Custody Detention Officer – A custody detention officer could work in a Prisons, Detention Centres, Custodial Establishments and Custodial Services your role will be to ensure that individuals in your care are in a safe, secure and fair environment.

Protective Services Apprenticeship Custody detention officer

Emergency Service Contact Handling – When 999 is dialled it is imperative that the phone is answered, this Apprenticeship will involve responding to requests for assistance be it the police force, fire service or ambulance you’ll be the one that gets the request directed to the correct department.

HM Forces Serviceperson – This Apprenticeship provides an exciting, challenging and rewarding career, you could be working for the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force or Royal Marines to ensure the nation is protected and threats and risks are dealt with.

Operational Firefighter – Firefighters respond to emergency situations such as fires, rescuing, searching and protecting people and animals.

Police Community Support Officer – Police community support officers provide support and safety to communities, they address issues, concerns and problems which may or may not be crime/incident related but can have a negative impact on the community.

Watch this video to find out more:

Police Constable – Police constables ensure law and order is met by preventing, detecting and investigating criminal activity and ensuring the UK is safe and the law is being enforced.

Safety, Health and Environmental Technician – As a SHE Technician you’ll advise on statutory safety, health and environmental requirements to ensure management and delivery teams are meeting the necessary obligations and staff are safe within the organisation.

Currently still undergoing development are the following standards:

  • Specialist Rescue Operative
  • Serious and Complex Crime Investigator
  • Security First Line Manager
  • Probation Officer
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Community Safety Advisor

Employers who you could work for include:

 Applying for a Protective Services Apprenticeship

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