School leaver options: What you need to know

School leaver options – Are you due to finish school or college this summer? With so many options available to school leavers it can often involve a rollercoaster of emotions from excitement, nervousness, daunting and confusing but we’re here to help it easier for you.

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Know your school leaver options

As a school leaver, you need to know your options from courses, further education college, university, Apprenticeships and school leaver programmes there are a wealth of opportunities awaiting you.

  • Further Education College/Sixth Form Colleges

Colleges and Sixth Form Colleges are for students 16 years old and above where you can study along people of all ages and backgrounds.

You’ll normally be studying on a full time basis with a wide choice of courses available such as A-Levels, vocational and BTECs in a range of subjects from Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Catering, Engineering, Agriculture & Forestry, Anatomy & Physiology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art & Design, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Media, Medicine, IT, English, Maths, Law, Dentistry, Drama, Dance, Childcare, Electrician, Fashion, Languages, Geography, Geology, Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism, Technology, Music, Politics, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Sports Science, Religious Studies, Veterinary and Youth Work.

When choosing a college, you’ll need to take into consideration whether the college you’re wanting to go to offer the subject you’re interested in doing. Choosing the subject, you want to study is important to your future career prospects especially if you’re wanting to go to university after. Find a college near you.

School leaver options college

  • University

University is a great choice for many people, not only will you be studying towards a degree, but you’ll also get to experience the infamous social life of a university student. If going to university is something you feel is for you and what you need to forge a career in your chosen profession, then the opportunity is a must.

Universities offer a broad range of subjects allowing you to fully immerse yourself in full time academic study. Although the university route comes with a big price tag if it’s going to help you reach your career aspirations then it could be perfect for you. Remember to research your subject choice, the university and take into account whether you’re wanting to live at university or stay at home.

  • Apprenticeships

If full time study isn’t for you then an Apprenticeship could be the answer. Apprenticeships combine employment with academic study whilst also getting paid. Throughout your Apprenticeship you’ll obtain valuable workplace skills, essential work experience and even gain a nationally recognised qualification in an industry you want to forge a career within.

Apprenticeships come in various levels from intermediate, advanced, higher and degree. Degree Apprenticeships offer a debt free career route, so you’ll pay nothing towards your tuition fees, in fact, it’ll actually be you that gets paid.

You can also do an Apprenticeship in pretty much any role from Construction to Business, Finance, Law, Land-based, Environmental, Agriculture, Motor Vehicle, Customer Service, Hair and Beauty, Energy and Renewables, Manufacturing, Health, Childcare, Education, Transport, Logistics, Warehouse, Sport and Fitness, Hospitality and Travel, IT and Telecoms, Retail, Creative and Digital and Media. You can find a full range of Apprenticeships at Careermap.

School leaver options

  • School leaver programmes

School leaver programmes vary from company to company. Employers offer school leaver programmes that give you the chance to work towards a university degree and/or professional qualification. Normally school leaver programmes are offered by larger companies such as Deloitte and BDO.

Applying for school leaver options

Now you know what school leaver options are available to you it’s time to decide which route you think is the right one for you. If you’re looking for full time study, then university or college/sixth form is definitely the route for you but if you’d rather be gaining essential work experience whilst learning then a school leaver programme or Apprenticeship could be what you’re looking for. To apply visit Careermap.

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