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Scottish Power Apprenticeships: What you need to know

Scottish Power Apprenticeships provide school leavers with multiple routes into the energy industry to get your career off to the best possible start. Are you looking for a credible alternative to university? Scottish Power Apprenticeships can offer you exactly that!

Who are Scottish Power?

Scottish Power are a leader in generating, transmitting and distributing energy, gas and electricity. They are committed to creating innovative ways for cleaner energy to preserve for future generations.

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What do Scottish Power Apprenticeships involve?

Scottish Power Apprenticeships combine academic study and practical on the job training allowing you to obtain a nationally recognised qualification, essential work experience and highly sought skills. Not only will you gain all that you’ll also receive an excellent salary. Let’s look at what Apprenticeships you can do at Scottish Power:

Fitters – As a fitter apprentice at Scottish Power you could be involved with mechanical, electrical and control and instrumental fitting. Mechanical fitters ensure work with a wide range of equipment such as pumps, valves, boiler equipment, turbines and fans. Electrical fitters maintain, install and repair machinery and control equipment in power stations allowing electricity to be controlled, protected, maintained and carried to homes and businesses. If you’re looking to work within control and instrumental fitting you will be working within a power station with the control equipment ensuring the power station is operating safely.

Overhead Linesperson – As an overhead linesperson you’ll be responsible for the installation and repair of overhead lines to maintain power, distribution, transmission and the supply network.

Cable Jointers – Cable jointers install, maintain and repair underground cable networks to ensure customers needs are met by supplying energy to thousands of homes and businesses.

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What skills do I need?

To succeed with a Scottish Power Apprenticeship, you’ll need to possess a wide range of skills. You’ll need to be extremely driven and motivated. You’ll also need to be organised, enjoy problem solving and working on your own initiative or as part of team.

Ready to kick-start your career in the energy industry?

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