Top 10 Apprentices that have made Millions!

Elvis Presley – Yes even the King was once learning to become an electrician on an apprenticeship at an electric company while attempting to break in to the music industry. Elvis was once a sparky!

Gordon Ramsey – Before the world famous chefs rise to fame he took a Hotel management apprenticeship at North Oxfordshire Technical College. Nearly 30 years on, the multi-Michelin star holder has dozens of restaurants worldwide!

Sir Alex Ferguson – Before becoming the most successful manager in British football history, Sir Alex spent nearly five years juggling his time between footy at lower league Queens Park and his toolmaker apprenticeship in Glasgow!

Alexander McQueen – Alexander’s career started as tailoring apprentice. He later progressed to launch his own fashion label, which still performs well more than three years since his death.

Ozzy Osbourne – The Black Sabbath star started as an apprentice plumber among other jobs before taking up heavy metal and later his own TV show!

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver – Jamie started his road to fame as a catering apprentice while studying at Westminster Kingsway College. Jamie now has an apprentice scheme of his own to help young people get cookery training!

Sir Michael Caine – The Italian Job star had to juggle various jobs with his early acting training. Caine spent nearly two years as a plumbing apprentice, before finally getting regular film work. Sir Michael has now clocked up more than a 100 film appearances and a huge number of awards!

Billy Connelly – Billy always had dreams of working in comedy, he first spent his early career working as a boilermaker in the Glasgow’s shipyards. Billy has gone to sell out arenas all over the world!

Ringo Starr – Before becoming the Drummer of the most famous band of all time, Ringo started off as an apprentice at a Liverpool equipment manufacturer!

David Beckham – Becks started his football career at Manchester United as an apprentice on around £45 per week. He is now worth an estimated £210 million! can get you there, just head to our home page to search and apply for an apprenticeship.

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