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Five Unusual Apprenticeships

The majority of apprenticeships are for practical, hands on roles. If you have a scout around the Careermap website you’ll see that all across the UK, from London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh, companies are recruiting mechanics, hairdressers, care workers, plumbers and so on.

There are, however, some very unusual and highly specialist apprenticeships out there for hard working, enthusiastic individuals. We thought we’d list a few of them here in the hope they may inspire you.

Chocolatier: yes you read that correctly. It is possible to undertake an apprenticeship in creating, decorating and wrapping chocolate confectionery.

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Fish Husbandry: this is probably ideal for anyone who enjoys fishing. A fish husbandry apprenticeship can be surprisingly broad and involve fish breeding, production at fish farms and fish biology.

Space Engineer: yes, believe it or not, you can undertake an apprenticeship to become a space technician. Be advised this is a higher level apprenticeship and a solid understanding of mathematics is required.

Lithographer: if you are a creative individual, you could consider an apprenticeship as a lithographer, learning how to print from stone or metal onto paper.

Equine dentistry: self-explanatory this one. This apprenticeship will essentially teach you how to be a horse dentist. You may think there isn’t much demand, but thorough bred horses are worth a lot of money and trainers and owners go to incredibly lengths to look after their animals.

There are a few of the more unusual apprenticeships. You may like the sound of some of these or maybe something more down to Earth. Whatever your plans, do take a look at Careermap and scroll to the bottom of the homepage where you can sign up for regular update

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