Will GCSE results affect my future education and career prospects_

Will GCSE results affect my future education and career prospects?

Exam season has been and gone and now the big day is upon us! GCSE Results Day! And there is one question on every students mind… 

‘Will GCSE results affect my future education and career prospects?’

In short, yes they can depending on your career goals but remember to be open-minded as there are so many options available to you and they don’t define you or your future. 

The New Grading Systems

First get to terms with the new GCSE grading system:

  • 9 is higher than a current A*
  • 8 is between an A* and A.
  • 7 is equal to an A
  • 6 is equivalent to a high B
  • 5 is between a B and C
  • 4 is equal to a grade C
  • 3 is in between a D and E
  • 2 is between an E and F
  • 1 is a G
  • U refers to an ungraded paper

How will GCSE results affect my future education and career prospects?

1. GCSE results can limit your sixth form choices

Some sixth forms have GCSE requirements, meaning if you don’t meet the grade requirements then you won’t get into that sixth form.

Some sixth forms only accept students with high grades for certain courses also, if you don’t get the grades you won’t be able to study that specific course.

2. Universities refer to GCSE results when accepting students

Most universities look at GCSE results when checking your eligibility for a course, 4-5 (C) in English, Maths and sometimes Science is normally standard requirements. Remember not to let your results put you off applying for a university course you really want if you’ve got a good set of A-Levels these will outweigh your GCSE results at some universities.

3. GCSE’s can affect some career prospects

When it comes to writing a CV, you’ll need to put down all your academic achievements and some employers will take into account your GCSE results when selecting a candidate that’s suitable for the role.

What if my results don’t go as expected?

Don’t worry, results aren’t everything and there are lots of options available to you!

If you don’t get the results you expected you can always resit your exams. Don’t want to resit your exams? What about studying a course or an apprenticeship?

There are hundreds of courses available that don’t require you to go to sixth form or university. You could study distance learning courses, e-learning courses or a training programme. Each course is a great alternative to sixth form and allows you to learn at your own pace, some are free and others charge a small fee.

Apprenticeships are another great alternative. If you didn’t get the grades needed in your GCSEs you can study functional skills alongside other qualifications. An Apprenticeship is an earning, learning and working combination so you’ll also gain work experience and earn a wage in an industry you want to forge a career within.

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