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What to Expect on T-Levels Results Day in the UK

Understanding T-Levels Results Day

When and How to Receive Your Results-

The big day for T-Levels results in both England and Scotland is 15th August 2024. You can collect your results starting from 8:00 am. Typically, your results will be available through your educational institution, either online via the institution's portal or in person. Make sure you know your institution’s specific process so you can access your results promptly.

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University Acceptances-

By 8:15 am, you’ll be able to view university acceptance statuses on the UCAS website. If you’re aiming for higher education, make sure to log in and check your application status.

Important Deadlines-

If you believe there’s been a mistake with your results and you’d like a remark, remember that the deadline to apply for a Review of Marking and Moderation (ROMM) is 26th September 2024. Contact your tutor or exam officer for guidance on this process.

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Understanding Your Grades-

T-Levels are graded on a scale similar to A-Levels. Here's a quick guide to understanding your results:

  • A* (Distinction*): Equivalent to three A* grades at A-Level.
  • A (Distinction): Equivalent to three A grades.
  • B (Merit): Equivalent to three B grades.
  • C (Pass with C or above): Equivalent to three C grades.
  • D (Pass with E or above): Equivalent to three D grades.
  • E (Pass): Equivalent to three E grades.

Quick Fact: T-Levels are equivalent to three A-Levels and provide a solid foundation for either further education or starting your career. They offer both academic knowledge and practical skills, making them highly valued by employers and universities alike.

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A Proven Path to Success-

In 2023, T-Levels had a pass rate of 90.5%, reflecting their effectiveness in preparing students for their future careers or further studies. This impressive success rate should give you confidence in your achievements and the value of your qualification.

🔗 Source: BBC on T-Levels Pass Rate

Your Next Steps After Receiving Your T-Levels Results

Pursuing Higher Education-

T-Levels are recognised by universities across the UK. Use your results to explore undergraduate courses that align with your field of study. Many institutions offer pathways specifically designed for T-Levels graduates, providing a seamless transition to higher education.

Exploring Apprenticeships-

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, apprenticeships are a fantastic option. T-Levels provide the technical skills and industry experience that employers look for, making you a strong candidate for apprenticeship programs in various sectors.

Entering the Workforce-

Ready to start your career? T-Levels equip you with practical skills and real-world experience, making you job-ready from day one. Begin your job search, update your CV, and prepare for interviews in industries related to your T-Level.

Support and Resources for T-Levels Graduates

Career Guidance-

Need help deciding what to do next? Career advisors can provide personalised guidance based on your T-Level qualification and career aspirations. Don’t hesitate to seek advice from your school or local career services.

Mental Health and Wellbeing-

Results day can be stressful, so it's important to take care of your mental health. Talk to friends, family, or a counsellor if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Remember, your results are just one step in your journey.

Financial Aid-

Check for scholarships, grants, and other financial aid options that might be available for further education or training based on your T-Level qualifications.

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Careermap’s Upcoming Careermag for Inclusion

We’re excited to announce that Careermag for Inclusion Issue 8 will be released soon! This issue will cover essential topics such as:

  • Inclusion and Diversity in Education and Work: Explore how T-Levels contribute to inclusive learning and career opportunities.
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  • Practical Tips: Get advice on navigating your next steps after T-Levels, from further education to career planning.

Stay tuned for inspiring stories, expert insights, and practical advice that will help you make the most of your T-Level qualification!

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Embrace Your Future with Confidence-

Congratulations on completing your T-Levels! Your hard work has paid off, and now you’re equipped with valuable skills and qualifications that will open doors to exciting opportunities. Whether you’re heading to university, starting an apprenticeship, or entering the workforce, embrace the future with confidence and enthusiasm.

Good luck, and here’s to your continued success!

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