School Leavers

Whether you're thinking about university, an apprenticeship, A Levels or T Levels, our careers advice hub will be your trusted companion along the way.

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Apprenticeships in Northampton

Apprenticeships are one of the oldest employment opportunities for young people leaving school. They give you the chance to learn professional skills, study for advanced qualifications and gather valuable job experience.

Colleges in Yorkshire

Colleges in Yorkshire – When you finish school continuing with education might be the last thing on your mind but attending college is a great idea.

UCAS Dates for 2023 - 2024

Have you decided you want to go to university but unsure of deadline dates, opening dates and everything in between? This can be a stressful time of year for you but try to remain calm.

Well paid jobs without a degree

Do you think university automatically means big pay? You might want to think again. Although you can enter high paid jobs through a university degree there are plenty of well paid jobs that don’t require a degree from train driving to landing planes and many more!

What is a traineeship?

A traineeship provides a learning experience to help prepare young people for their future career opportunities.

What Should I Take to University Checklist

If you’re due to make the transition from college to university this year then you might be feeling unprepared and overwhelmed. Don’t worry! We’ve put together an ultimate checklist to help you understand exactly what you need.

The pros and cons of taking a Gap Year

Gap years are becoming increasingly popular amongst students who want to take time out of study to spend their year constructively abroad or at home.