What I like about working at JLR is the community. It is a friendly place to work, and everyone is happy to help. I also love the number of opportunities that are available to progress your career and connections that can be made. JLR are also very supportive and are advocates for diversity and inclusion including women in engineering.

Level 3 Advanced Engineering Apprentice

I know it’s a cliché line, but every day is genuinely different. I’ve been lucky enough to have already worked on a variety of projects and to have met so many new people, just in my first year! I’m really looking forward to see where I go next.

Level 6 Applied Professional Engineering Programme Degree Apprentice

The experience and opportunities which are available if you put the effort in are unrivalled. You can learn so much and gain valuable knowledge in a short period of time which will contribute massively to your career. There are also a lot of experienced technicians, engineers and managers who are willing to pass on their knowledge and help you to progress.

Level 3 Advanced Automotive Apprentice

“I work within Power Train Manufacturing Engineering – an area which slides under the radar but involves enabling work to set up projects whilst ensuring lines continue operation. It allows me to work on the newest projects within the Business and offers a lot of challenges from technical engineering to logistical and managerial.”

Rishi Amin,
Manufacturing Engineering Undergraduate

My role is as an Industrial Operations Undergraduate in the Paint Programmes department at Halewood. We are responsible for introducing new processes for future model vehicles and are currently working on JLRs new EMA platform coming to Halewood. My project work involves industrialising contrast design processes for the new models.

Luke Britton,
Industrial Operations: Manufacturing Undergraduate

Throughout my 1st year on the Electronics & Complex Systems graduate programme I obtained a diverse range of knowledge covering new technologies to tailored client experience for different markets. Since joining, I have grown personally & professionally working in both technical and management teams to deliver a true modern luxury experience for our customers.

Charlotte Haigh,
PE Electronics & Complex Systems Grad