Interns & Graduates

The journey from student life to the workplace can be both thrilling and challenging. We’re here to help you seize opportunities, make informed decisions, and pave a promising path toward your career aspirations.

Beat the Graduate Blues

Whether you’ve already graduated or are in your final year at university, you might be feeling many mixed emotions, from daunted to overwhelmed, nervous and even excited.

Graduate Assessment Centres: What You Need To Know

Assessment centres are a very common process within graduate recruitment. Find out why employers use assessment days, what you can expect at one and how you can highlight just why the employer should pick you for their job or graduate scheme.

How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

It is estimated to be experienced by around 70 percent¹ of us in at least one stage of our lives. It has many different names: imposter syndrome, fraud syndrome, imposterism, to name a few. One thing’s for sure though, it can massively dampen your self-confidence.

10 things employers want graduates to know

When you are looking for a graduate job it can sometimes feel like you are cracking a secret code. It is easy to fill in lots of applications and to miss the mark just because you aren’t sure what employers are actually looking for.

Graduate Schemes 2024-2025

Lots of different employers offer graduate schemes across a wide range of industries and sectors, so you definitely won’t be short of options.