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10 Amazing Apprenticeships

10 Amazing Apprenticeships you may not have heard of!

  1. Farriery

A farrier makes and fits horseshoes. An apprenticeship is the only way to become a registered farrier – along the way you’ll learn blacksmithing skills, work with vets, and of course meet horses.

2. Costume and Wardrobe

This apprenticeship involves dressing the actors and sets in film, TV and theatre performances. You’ll be making dresses, crafting props and playing a vital part in the production process.

3. Social Media and Digital Marketing

That’s right, you’d be using Facebook, Twitter and any number of other platforms for a living. The job is all about helping companies engage with their customers through online activity.

4. Supporting Teaching and Learning in Physical Education

Want to help the next generation get active and stay fit and healthy? This is the Apprenticeship for you. It will train you to work in schools, helping teachers with PE classes and sporting activities.

5. Construction Specialist

As an apprentice in this area you could be shaping the world around you. Train as a banker mason, for example, and you’ll be learning to cut, polish and shape intricate stone pieces for building work.

6. Food and Drink

There are some – quite literally – sweet opportunities in this sector, including training as a confectioner (making sweets) or chocolatier. Thirsty? There’s always a brewing option, beer fans.

7. Intelligence Analysis

The armed forces, secret service and police rely on good intelligence gathering to keep us safe. As an intelligence analyst you’d be helping them, working with classified info to aid investigations.

Intelligence and Data Analyst Development MI5 Graduate Scheme

8. Information Security

We live our lives online now, so we need systems in place to keep all our data secure. Train in this area and intriguing job roles like ‘cyber research scientist’ could be yours…

9. Cabin Crew

Want to meet people, work in a small team and get to travel the world? This is the job for you. Cabin crew take care of airline passengers, have contact with many other cultures and see the world.

10. Spa Therapy

Who’s for a massage? Helping people relax is serious business, so as a qualified spa therapist your skills could be in demand from fancy retreats, gyms or even cruise liners.

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