3 Ways To Become A Financial Whizz Kid

3 Ways To Become A Financial Whizz Kid

When adults tell you about the ‘REAL WORLD’, they most likely mean a world that’s run by money. And that’s pretty much true: there’s not a single decision that gets made in business, or any situation where you want something, that doesn’t have money on the brain.

The thing is, looking after cash, and helping people spend it, is a whole line of work in itself. If you’re a dab hand at numbers, equations and checking for mistakes, then a career in finance could be on the cards. An finance apprenticeship of this sort can give you a leg-up over other students, and here are three apprentice roles to think about…

1. Accounts

Anyone who’s running an organisation can get tied up with the ins and outs of their finances. What money’s coming in, what’s going out, and what they’ll do in the future can all boil down to the advice they get from an accountant. These people are trusted with protecting the interests of their clients.

However, accountants aren’t the only ones involved in this work. You might embark on a bookkeeping apprenticeship, gathering all the evidence a business needs to show its earnings and costs to the taxman. There are even chances to train as an account administrator, assisting with the day-to-day management of a company’s purse.

2. Tax

To bring up that ‘REAL WORLD’ idea again, tax is a massive part of everyday life. Basically, taxes are a portion of your wages, going direct to the government for the good of all of us. Public funds build our roads, hospitals, schools and sewers, not to mention hundreds of other things that we take for granted.

Appropriately – you guessed it – someone has to make sure everyone’s tax is paid on time. An apprenticeship at a tax office will get you hands-on with this process, revealing the scope of tax collection and ensuring that everyone pays the right amount on time.

3. Mortgages

You might have heard adults moaning about mortgages, and wondered why they’re so stressed out. Well, it is kind of a big deal – mortgages are the loans you take on when you buy a house, lasting for years and years, and paid back in monthly instalments.

Not everyone can get a mortgage, but with a helping hand from a mortgage broker, they stand a good chance of finding something suitable. These people figure out whether someone can afford the repayments, based on their current situation. An apprenticeship as a mortgage broker sets you up for an extremely crucial job, one that affects a whole lot of young families and couples.

So, we’ve given you a slice of the finance apprenticeships pie, just for a taste. Pursuing a financial career is the tried-and-tested route that a lot of maths-loving pupils should follow. To get started, you can find finance apprenticeships from top employers & agencies on Careermap, a leading website for 14-19 year olds looking for employment.

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