5 things you need to know about Apprenticeships

Are you due to leave school or college? Don’t want to follow the typical university route? Thinking about applying for an Apprenticeship? Get in the know first at Careermap!

The Apprenticeship industry isn’t just changing, it’s constantly evolving and Apprenticeships are quickly becoming a popular option for school leavers who want to dive right in and experience the world of work.

What is an Apprenticeship?

You might have heard the term ‘Apprenticeship’ perhaps your teachers, friends or parents have spoken about them but what actually is one? An Apprenticeship is learning and working combined with earning a real salary and gaining real skills and experience.

the more you learn the more you earn

There are a lot of myths surrounding Apprenticeships one of those is that ‘Apprenticeships are for the those who don’t receive good grades in school’. This is far from the truth. Did you know you can do an Apprenticeship at intermediate level all the way to a degree level Apprenticeship now? Impressive right!

Apprenticeships are just for trades - right?

WRONG! An Apprenticeship is commonly associated with the trade industries such as construction. But there are so many more opportunities available to you some you might not even think of, for example, purchase buyer, tax consultant, journalist, traffic controller. The possibilities really are endless.

Apprentices just make tea - wrong!

The idea that apprentices just make tea couldn’t be further from the truth. Through an Apprenticeship, you’ll gain valuable experience and skills that will set you up for life. You will also gain nationally recognised qualifications AND earn a salary. What could be better?

Why should I do one?

Apprenticeships are a great way to kick start your career and you don’t need any fancy qualifications to get into an industry you want to forge a career in. Not only will you combine work with learning and classroom training you’ll also earn a wage and avoid that student debt most often associated with university.

Watch this short video to learn more!

Where can I find one?

You can find Apprenticeships at Careermap or on the UK government website. Good luck finding your dream Apprenticeship!

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