5E Apprenticeships

5E Apprenticeship provides a unique learning route which combines working with training. Are you eager to gain a qualification but also want to start working? With a 5E Apprenticeship you can have the best of both worlds!

Who is 5E?

5E were first established back in 1998 and have since made their mark as a leading not for profit social enterprise and training provider who offer highly accredited training across a range of industries. They operate at 7 centres based in North and East London while providing a wealth of support wider communities across London and disadvantaged members including the unemployed, BAME, refugees, lone parents, young people, non-native speakers, ex-offenders, learners with family and social difficulties back into a positive working lifestyle.

What do 5E Apprenticeships involve?

5E Apprenticeships provide a wide range of learning and development opportunities through a mixture of on the job training and off the job training where you’ll be working for at least 30 hours per week. If you’re looking for a credible alternative to uni and college then a 5E Apprenticeship could be the perfect opportunity for you to kick-start your career while getting paid, gaining a nationally recognised qualification, highly sought skills and essential work experience.

5E ltd Apprenticeships

There are a variety of Apprenticeships available at 5E including:


Business & Administration

Customer Service

Health & Social Care


Team Leading & Management

Throughout your Apprenticeship with 5E you’ll receive a designated learning mentor who will be there to offer you support whenever you require which will help you to build your knowledge while also gaining first-hand experience.

What alternative training is available at 5E?

5E don’t just offer Apprenticeships there is also a broad range of alternative training available including the following:

Back to Work Programmes

Reskilling after Redundancy

Vocational Training

Employer Responsive Programmes (e.g. Apprenticeships)

Quality Advice and Guidance (National Careers Service)

Public Courses

Courses are offered in the following areas, Basic Skills (ESOL, Literacy, Numeracy), Advanced IT Engineering, Leadership & Management, Customer Service, Health and Social Care and Accountancy.

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