Accommodation Warden Apprenticeships

Accommodation Warden Apprenticeships

Accommodation Warden Apprenticeships are a part of the Health and Social Care sector. You could be working in hostels, community houses for people with disabilities, and sheltered housing for older people. This is perfect if you’ve got a caring personality and want to help make a difference to people’s lives.

What type of environment will you work in?

You could work in a variety of environments as an accommodation warden; these may be run by local councils, housing associations or charitable/voluntary organisations. For work with vulnerable people, you will be required to undergo background checks.

Accommodation Warden

What will you do during Accommodation Warden Apprenticeships?

If you work with residents needing support, welfare will form a major part of the job. You will get involved with residents on an individual basis and may spend time helping them gain confidence and independence. For people with learning disabilities, this might mean teaching them how to cope with everyday tasks such as shopping, cleaning, and cooking.

If you’re working with older people you’ll need to be aware of the needs, health, safety and general well being of all the residents. You might get involved in organising entertainment and outings. Some accommodation wardens in supported settings have to respond to alarm calls from residents, and so may be ‘on call’ during evenings or weekends. Normally as an apprentice, you won’t be required to do this. You’ll also offer accommodation support for people who need it such as ex-prisoners or those dealing with alcohol or drug dependency.

During an Accommodation Warden Apprenticeships, your duties could include:

  • Overseeing catering, cleaning and maintenance
  • Responding to emergencies and contacting doctors, social workers or community nurses when needed
  • Looking after the welfare of residents, checking on them each morning to make sure they are well
  • Making sure there are effective security provision and arranging for repairs to be carried out
Accommodation Warden Apprenticeships

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