Announcement | Community Partners with The PiXL Club

We’re proud to announce that we are officially Community Partners with The PiXL Club.

Our Director, Sharon Walpole headed to Central Hall Westminster to attend the main meeting with PiXL members on Tuesday. Sharon Walpole and Brian Lightman of PiXL Futures recognise the importance of engaging with parents to ensure they have a clear view of the opportunities available to their children. 

Schools are often faced with a big challenge when engaging with parents. Sharon and Brian shared vital information to teachers and career leaders so they can reach out to parents and meet the Gatsby Benchmarks. 

PiXL and Careermap both share the same vision of improving the life chances of young people. We realise that parents are a major influence in their children’s lives and we want to ensure that when it comes to the daunting question on their students’ mind: ‘what are my post 16 options?’, you’ll know exactly how to answer.

Speaking at the event, Sharon Walpole, Director of Careermap said:

“Parents are one of the biggest influences on a young person when it comes time to making decisions about qualifications and life after school. Keeping them informed can make a big impact on the pathways chosen. With the cost of going to university and new options such as apprenticeships; parents are increasingly pushing for more deeper and reliable information to help.

Reaching parents is notoriously difficult. We know what we want to say, but how do we find them? And more importantly, how do we get them engaged? By listening to what they want and then providing it to them. That is why Careermag for Parents was launched.” 

Careermap and PiXL joined forces to create a publication in a range of formats providing quality, independent information about careers and qualifications.”

Also speaking at the event, Brian Lightman, PiXL Futures said:

“It is incredibly difficult to advise children in such a rapidly changing labour market. Parents need to be informed about new qualifications, reformed apprenticeships as well as societal challenges such as the changing workplace, gender stereotypes and the mismatch between young people’s aspirations and the opportunities available in the labour market.   

Involving parents by signposting relevant information and helping them to frame the conversation with their children can have a powerful influence on the life chances of young people. A great starting place is the Careermag for parents which is published twice a year.”

Careermag for Parents is an interesting and useful resource for parents to understand the wide array of options available to their children. 

The magazine aims to connect parents and their children to high-quality career advice and guidance. It also includes myth busting careers, qualifications, apprenticeship and university opportunities, along with various useful articles. 

Careermap also releases Careermag which is aimed at students, schools and career advisers. We understand that choosing the next steps after school or college is a daunting task. That’s why we’re here to give you career inspiration! There are so many options available, from A Levels, BTECs, university and apprenticeships and there is no right or wrong route. It’s all about doing what’s right for each individual. 

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