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The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) provides skills cards for the plant sector of the construction and allied industries.  Join over 300,000 CPCS card holders who are helping to rebuild Britain’s economy, improve our local communities and build our housing for the future.

Plant operators control large scale machinery to dig, lift and move materials onsite.  Many of our CPCS card holders become managers, technicians and tutors.  Find your nearest CPCS Training Centre.

CPCS is managed by NOCN Group, NOCN Group also offer a wide range of construction qualifications, SiteRight assured short courses, Apprenticeship End Point Assessments and Access to Higher Education courses.  Find your nearest NOCN training Centre.

Wonder if a career in plant is right for you?

Danielle Taylor



Previous Job: Auditor
Employer: Flannery Plant Hire
Training Provider: CITB NCC
Course End Date: October 2021
Course: Plant Operator Apprenticeship

Construction case

“I took a dramatic change from working as an Auditor in a bank to pursuing my career in construction, but one thing is for sure, I would never look back. 

I expected some resistance, as there was definitely some preconceived perceptions that working onsite was a man’s role. That couldn’t be further from the truth. 

After college, I started my site experience on a roller and gradually progressed onto a 30T dump truck. I’m given opportunities to work on large scale earthworks projects, and I really feel like I am a big part of the team. 

In September, I was delighted to be awarded the CPA Star of the Future Award for Plant Operator Apprentice of the Year. My company believes in me and I am so excited to be contributing to such an important industry. 

I want to progress to become a senior plant operator or a foreman, I love mentoring and supporting others. I also want to pursue my ambition encourage other women to enter the industry and I am grateful that Flannery are giving me this opportunity.”

Kyle Parr


Previous Job: Royal Engineer
Employer: MOD
Training Provider: Previous Job: Ainscough Training Services
Course End Date: October 2020
Course: CPCS Slinger Signaller & Mobile Crane

Kyle started his working career as a Royal Engineer for the MOD. He served for 7yrs and left the forces in September 2018 on a medical discharge.

As with many service leavers, Kyle was uncertain about his civilian career path, and looked to his father for inspiration. As a highly experienced Crane operator, Kyles Father commended a route into Lifting operations could be a great option. Kyle started his journey with CPCS Training as a Slinger Signaller followed shortly after by a Mobile Crane course. With his newfound skills, he has now secured employment at Ineos Runcorn operating a 55 ton Liebherr all Terrain Mobile Crane

Michael Phillips



Previous Job: Royal Navy
Employer: MOD
Training Provider: CITB NCC
Course End Date: August 2021
Course: Plant Operator

“After completing 4 years’ service with the Royal Navy where I had developed a strong work ethic and learnt many valuable skills in teamwork, I was keen to change my career and was excited for an opportunity within construction. I love working in the outdoors and in challenging environments and have no objection to long hours and hard work. 

I wanted to transfer my skills that I attained in the Royal Navy into a new industry, and construction seemed like the perfect fit. I have never looked back. 

Health & Safety is critical in my current environment and I am aware of the importance of accurately following Health & Safety procedures to ensure the safety of everyone.

With no prior experience within the industry, I have been lucky enough to have been on the same job for the past 10 months on a flood defence scheme, which has provided me the opportunity to operate a variety of machines, whilst developing my skills.”

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