Apprenticeship Advice: Making the most of your Apprenticeship

If you’ve been accepted onto an Apprenticeship programme, it’s good to get some Apprenticeship advice and learn how to impress your potential new employers.

There are a number of things management and team leaders are looking for when they’re evaluating their new recruits, such as commitment, drive and willingness to learn. Apprenticeship advice isn’t all about the employer though, it’s about you as well. How can you, the apprentice, make the most out of your Apprenticeship opportunity? Where is there an opportunity for personal growth, chances to build on the power of your CV and ways to increase employability?

Well here’s some top Apprenticeship advice from Careermap to get you started:

apprenticeship advice

Many employers will offer you a role at the end of your Apprenticeship because they have gotten to know you and won’t want to lose your skills and knowledge to another company.

There are the obvious benefits of going to University as it’s a great place to meet people and earn a qualification, but many people don’t fancy taking on the debt that awaits them after graduation.

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