Apprenticeships in West Yorkshire

Apprenticeships in West Yorkshire

The UK youth unemployment figures have recently been rising despite the economy growth. EU leaders aim to reduce it in 2 years but, what we’re wondering is will it work? Will young adults ever learn to go into work or education instead of turning to benefits and enjoying their recklessness whilst they still can?

It’s no secret that once you reach the age where you have to start paying your own bills, buying your own things and working for your money you can feel stressed. How many of you just wanted to continue having fun with your friends, partying all of the time and exploring the world with no commitments?

Well, it seems as though a number of young people today are choosing to do this. But we ask, what effect does this have on our economy, and who is there fighting to help teenagers into work?

More than one million 16-24 year olds are classed as ‘NEETS’ – not in employment, education or training. It seems as though the relationship between youth unemployment and GDP growth is weak and is becoming weaker as time goes on.

There are many companies focused on getting young people in or back into work such as Careermap. We are an online service that allows youths to search for local listings and compare which ones are actually realistic. We have helped hundreds of youths so far to find the career of their dreams with little effort.

Our simple and easy-to-use method allows teenagers to search through many different sectors including hospitality, engineering, travel, IT, business, administration and more. Once they input their location they will be greeted with many different opportunities in their area.

Apprenticeships in West Yorkshire

Could this be what we have been searching for to help reduce youth unemployment? Do more businesses need to work in partnership with young people in order to get them back to work? Well it definitely seems this way. You can’t find a teenager these days that isn’t on the internet, so why not make finding jobs and work in their area at the click of a button?

This could absolutely be the thing we have needed to give young adults the push that they needed.

Careermap have been guiding young adults through their employment choices for a while now and have managed to successfully help many of them find their role in life. Whether you know someone who would benefit from our help or you yourself would then you should view our website or get in touch with us at

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