Archway Academy Apprenticeships

Archway Academy Apprenticeships provides an excellent springboard into the world of work while enabling you to continue learning and gaining qualifications. Are you due to get your GCSE results? Decided full time study isn’t for you? An Apprenticeship with Archway Academy could be the perfect route for you.

About Archway Academy

Archway Academy are different to many educational organisations, they are made up of an independent learning provider and an independent school with a focus on creating a variety of opportunities for their learners to advance their career through learning and development experiences. Archway Academy cater for learners in Birmingham and Worcester and surrounding areas to ensure they unlock their full potential and enjoy a long and fulfilling career.

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What do Archway Academy Apprenticeships involve?

Archway Academy Apprenticeships involve a structured learning programme that focuses on training in a work-based environment and off the job training. During your Apprenticeship with Archway Academy the methods of training combined will enable you to gain hands on work experience, practical skills and a nationally recognised qualification while you’ll also be getting paid! Keen to start earning your own money while learning and working about a role you’re keen to pursue a career in? Archway Academy offer a range of Apprenticeships covering the following industries:

  • Hospitality
  • Bricklaying
  • Carpentry
  • Painting and Decorating

Throughout your Apprenticeship with Archway Academy you’ll be constantly learning new things, facing different challenges and being supported to become an industry expert. Prefer learning by doing? With an Archway Academy Apprenticeship that’s exactly what you’ll be doing and upon completion you’ll be exposed to a range of progression opportunities such as continuing onto a higher level Apprenticeship, moving to a new company in a similar role or progressing with the company you’re currently at.

Archway Academy Apprenticeships


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