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Axia Solutions Apprenticeships offer exciting opportunities for you to kick-start your career in a range of industries while earning and learning. Full time study not for you? An Axia Solutions Apprenticeship can provide a credible alternative for you to get started on your profession through a work-based learning programme.

About Axia Solutions

Axia Solutions is an independent Ofsted Grade 1 training provider who deliver outstanding training with a flexible approach to ensure learners develop their talent and expertise.

What do Axia Solutions Apprenticeships involve?

Axia Solutions Apprenticeships combine academic study and on the job training which enables you to get a head start on your career while obtaining a nationally recognised qualification, job specific skills and real life work experience. During your Apprenticeship with Axia Solutions you’ll be employed while undergoing training which you’ll receive a salary for.

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Axia Solutions offer a wide range of Apprenticeship opportunities which include the following:

Warehousing – A warehousing Apprenticeship will help you learn how to operate within a warehousing environment while expanding your knowledge of quality, storage, despatch process and safety standards.

Team Leading – During this Apprenticeship you’ll develop a range of management and leadership skills which includes managing performance and development, how to manage and lead a team and attending and contributing to meetings.

Signmaking – This Apprenticeship will teach you everything you need to know when pursuing a career in signmaking from the creating of signs, such as road traffic signs, business signs, exhibition displays, shop fronts and even designs for vehicles.

Printing – As a printing apprentice you’ll build your knowledge on operating within a printing environment while also learning about quality, what the printing process involves and safety standards.

Marketing – As a marketing apprentice you’ll be involved in promoting the business through social media (Facebook and Twitter), product packaging and advertisements. You’ll also be involved in researching, analysing trends and boosting traffic to your product.

Manufacturing – As a manufacturing apprentice you’ll be working in a production environment while learning about the quality, process and safety standards.

Food and Drink – During this Apprenticeship you’ll learn how to work in the food and drink industry while advancing your capabilities in production control, processing, quality, food safety & environmental safety standards.

Customer Service – If you’re keen to start your career in customer service then you’ll gain job specific skills relevant to the customer service sector.

Ceramic Manufacturing – This Apprenticeship will take place in a production environment where you’ll be learning all about the quality, production process and safety standards.

Business Administration – As a business administration apprentice you’ll be working in an office and developing industry specific skills which are relevant to the business admin sector.

Business Improvement – Business improvement apprentices work towards improving a company while you’ll also be learning about quality, cost and delivery improvement.

Axia solutions apprenticeships

Whatever your career aspirations there are a range of learning and development opportunities available for you to advance your career and capabilities. Throughout your Axia Solutions Apprenticeship you’ll receive a wealth of support from your colleagues, employer and learning mentor who will help you to grow your talent.

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